The Licktators Jiggy Pop Popcorn Ice Cream

Recently, Heron Foods started selling some of The Licktators ice creams for only £1.50 a tub, so naturally I couldn't say no to giving them a try! The flavours include the "John Lemon" lemon curd ice cream which I reviewed previously, a praline chocolate variety and also this "Jiggy Pop" popcorn flavour. I haven't tried a popcorn ice cream since Butterkist brought out their own ice cream, which sadly now seems to have been discontinued. Boo!

This ice cream contains pieces of popcorn, toffee sauce, and crunchy caramel pieces and is absolutely delicious! I previously complained that the Marshmallow Law variety was a little boring and needed something extra to jazz it up, well I certainly can't complain of that here! All the elements work perfectly together, the popcorn pieces add a nice crunch, the toffee adds gooey delicious sweetness and the caramel pieces add extra crunchy sweetness, all wrapped in delicious creamy ice cream. For £1.50 this is an absolute steal, and nicer than a lot of other ice creams out there.

Overall, this is a fantastic ice cream from The Licktators. I hope to see more of their interesting flavoyrs in shops, and hopefully not at the extortionate prices The Co Op charge for them!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10. 


  1. I was in Heron foods recently and really wanted to get this one but they were sold out :(

  2. You seen any cherry Garcia ice cream anywhere these days kev?


  3. Also, what are thoughts on beef monster munch?


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