Cadbury Winter Wonderland Minis: Xmas Tree Shaped Ice Creams! (Limited Edition)

tree shaped mini vanilla white and milk chocolate ice creams

Hey everyone...I'm back! I've had an extended blogging break recently due to life getting in the way, but hopefully, I'll be bringing a few Kev-style stocking fillers for you all in the run-up to Christmas! :)

When I saw these Christmas Tree shaped ice creams in a local Tesco Express recently, naturally I just had to pick them up. I first reviewed the Winter Wonderland Dairy Milk bar last year and loved the idea of it...and now it seems Cadbury have seen fit to extend it into ice cream format.

tree shaped mini vanilla milk and white chocolate ice creams

How does it compare to the bar? Well, its not quite as great to be honest...

tree shaped mini milk and white chocolate ice creams

It's a nice idea poorly executed. Christmas-tree-shaped ice creams sounds great, fun, cute and novel, but unfortunately Cadbury must have used duff moulds - either that or they were trying to cut corners and used Poundland moulds - they look, quite frankly, pathetic! Not like something you would expect from a household name like Cadbury (or should that be Mondelez!) There's nothing wrong with Poundland - don't get me wrong - I shop there myself for cheap goods like any other cash-strapped Brit...but you expect better from a multinational heavyweight like Cadbury/Kraft, right?

tree shaped mini milk and white chocolate ice cream sticks

Well these ice creams are pretty average. They have a vague Christmas tree shape and come in both milk and white chocolate. The milk chocolate ones are pleasant - very sweet and milky with a decent vanilla ice cream centre - although I'm not sure it's Dairy Milk chocolate as the wrapper doesn't explicitly say so. If so this is a bit misleading considering "Winter Wonderland" is supposed to be a Dairy Milk thing! The white choc ones are even sweeter - too sweet in fact. Mixed with the vanilla ice cream they amalgamate into a sweet, vanilla flavoured mass, which is pleasant but a bit much.

It's just as well they're minis because they're a little too sweet and without any real quality elements. They're nice enough, and a cute idea, but the shape lets them down. They could've been onto something really cool if they had got the basic design right...

Use better Christmas Tree moulds next time, Cadbury! The ice creams don't have to have the same quality as a Magnum because quite frankly not many do, but at least get the basic shape right! Overall, a cute idea but cheaply executed.

Price: Around £2.49 a pack at Tesco Express.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk, soya. May contain nuts.
Recommend?: They're a nice novelty but unfortunately I can't recommend them. There's much better Christmas-themed ice creams out there such as this Wall's Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich.

RATING: 6.5 out of 10.


  1. This fits in nicely with the Winter Wonderland chocolate theme but I agree that they look a bit pathetic. I suppose it's harder to get the shape right because they are mini sized.

    Iceland have been selling Christmas Tree shaped white chocolate ice creams (that look a lot like these ones on the box) for a few years now. They are back this year too and are only £1.00 for three large ones. Are Cadbury copying Iceland now??

  2. They look perfectly fine to me, what did you expect; a full tree with baubles?

  3. They look perfectly fine to me, what did you expect; a full tree with baubles?


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