Spotted In Shops! - Tango Jaffa Cakes, Pots of Joy Hazel Whirl, Skittles Berry Milkshakes, Panda Squash, etc...

Here's some new and limited edition products I've spotted in supermarkets recently...

Cadbury Roses Pots of Joy Hazel Whirl

Following on from Roses Strawberry Dream Pots of Joy, Cadbury have now added this new Hazel Whirl variety to the range. Only available in 4 packs so far. Spotted in Tesco.

Tango Jaffa Cakes

Tango Jaffa Cakes! These are made by Huntley & Palmers who have quite a bit of history as a biscuit manufacturer, and contain an orange Tango filling coated in dark chocolate. I wonder how they compare to McVitie's Jaffa Cakes? Spotted in Home Bargains.

Skittles Wild Berry Milkhake

Last year I reviewed the regular Skittles Milk Shake and now they've brought out this Wild Berry variant...I didn't realize fruity milk drinks were so popular! Spotted at Tesco. 

Nestlé Aero Bubbly White Biscuits:

Nestlé are expanding their "Bubbly White" Aero even further with the release of these Bubbly White biscuits. They remind me of the now-defunct Fox's Echo bars...who else misses those? Spotted in Asda. 

Jammie Dodgers Berry Blast

The latest Jammie Dodgers flavour is this new "Berry Blast" variety. They're also doing banoffee and chocolate variations. Spotted in Tesco. 

Fox's Neapolitan Jam 'N Cream Biscuits

Fox's have been steadily expanding their biscuit varieties recently with flavours like Blueberry Muffin & Key Lime Pie, and the latest addition are these Jam 'N Cream Neapolitan biscuits. Spotted in Asda. 

Fox's Rocky Cookie Dough - Limited Edition

Fox's have also added this limited edition cookie dough variety to their Rocky biscuit range, which contain a cookie dough cream filling. Spotted in Asda. 

Fox's Chunkie White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fox's have also added this new white chocolate chip variety to their Fox's Chunkie cookie range. Spotted at Tesco. 

Nescafé Café Menu Millionaire's Shortbread Mocha

This new limited edition has the flavour of both caramel and biscuit (how does that work in a drink?!) Spotted at Tesco.

Nescafé Café Menu Irish Cream Latte

There's also this "new" Irish Cream Latte variety, although I'm sure I've seen it before...

Barny Strawberry Sponge Bears

Barny "sponge bears" now come in a variety of flavours, which now includes this strawberry variety. There's also a new apple flavour. Spotted in Tesco.  

Fireman Sam Cheese Snacks

Another child-friendly product are these Fireman Sam Snacks, which come in both cheese and BBQ flavours. Whatever happened to Potsman Pat?! Spotted in Asda. 

Fray Bentos Chicken Balti Half Time Pie

With the World Cup now over with, expect to see these "Half Time Pies" reduced to clear...or in most good discount stores at the end of the year. Spotted in Asda. 

Mikado King Choco

Mondelez are expanding their Mikado range with this "luxury" variety of biscuit sticks called King Choco. They contain hazelnut praline and chopped hazelnuts with a thick chocolate coating. Spotted in Tesco. 


Also debuting at Tesco are these German DeBeukelaer ChocOlé biscuit sticks, which look similar to Mikado but with a twisted shape. According to the DeBeukelaer website they are "pastry sticks for connoisseurs". 

The Collective Dairy Blueberry, Cranberry & Acai Yoghurt Drink

I've heard a lot about The Collective Dairy and it seems they're bringing out lots of interesting new products recently. I don't think I've seen acai used as a yoghurt flavouring before! Spotted in Tesco. 

Panda No Added Sugar Squash - Summer Fruits

Who else remembers Panda Pops?! They were small bottles of fizzy flavoured pop sold in most newsagents for around 20p. They came in an array of flavours including bubblegum, sherbet lemon, candy floss and even jelly and icecream, all with artificial flavours and colours. They may have been bad for you but I used to love them - I have fond memories of the bright blue flavour! Sadly they were recently axed after 35 years on shelves due to negative perceptions of fizzy drinks - boo!

Since then it seems they only produce non-fizzy drinks with all natural colours and flavours, and have introduced this No Added Sugar squash range. Spotted in Tesco. 

Panda Tropical No Added Sugar Squash 

As well as Summer Fruits there's also this Tropical flavour. I'll live in hope of a blue-coloured bubblegum variety!

Vimto Squeezy No Added Sugar Water "Flavourer"

Tesco must be expecting "water flavourers" to be a new trend as they had lots of varieties in recently. Whilst I think they're very handy, I can't see them replacing ready-made drinks or good old fashioned mineral water, to be honest.

Tesco One Squeeze

Tesco also do their own water "flavourers", in both apple and blackcurrant, and orange and pineapple. 

Well, that's it for this edition of Spotted In Shops...I hope you've enjoyed reading! Be sure to let me know if you've tried any of these new products in the comments!


  1. The Irish Cream latte is definitely not new; I'd say they've been around for at least a couple of years, but perhaps only seasonally?

    1. Yes definitely not not new...I think maybe they re-branded the range or something so they can say it's new.

    2. Yes, I think the Irish cream version was in the nescafe "cappuccino" range as suppose to the "latte range" I think

  2. My local Co-Op sells twin packs of Hazelnut Pots of Joy. I bought them along with the strawberry ones because they were on special offer but I've only tried the strawberry ones so far. Yes I remember Panda Pops, including the bubblegum and the strawberry jelly and I've cream flavours. I also remember a limited edition black lemonade that councidec with the eclipse in 1999. I've seen the squeezy Vimtos in my local Tesco as well as the Robinsons ones but I went for Tesco's own since they were slightly cheaper than the Robinsons. You can make up to 20 glasses with Robinsons whereas with Tesco's own you can make 30 glasses, which means more for your money.

    1. Wo thanks April I never knew they did black lemonade to co-incide with the eclipse in 1999, although I do remember the eclipse very well! Nice to know that Tesco's are better value for money :)

    2. Have you noticed Tesco's One Squeezed in Lemon and Lime? I have that flavour as well as the apple and blackcurrant variety. One way to reminisce Panda Pops is to dilute Panda Squash with sparkling water. As for the Hazelnut Whirl Pots of Joy, I tried one this evening and I found it disappointing because the picture on the box was misleading, the hazelnut pieces were not as crunchy as I expected and the hazelnut dessert didn't have a lot if flavour. The strawberry one was much nicer with a delicate yet noticeable strawberry flavour.

    3. Sorry for the typos in my first comment.

  3. I cant wait to try the Hazelnut Pots of Joy, I found the strawberry ones disappointing.
    I wish they'd do a Chocolate orange version...Mmmmm

    1. Yum, chocolate orange would be great!

    2. Although they already do an orange version of Bubbles of Joy, I believe..

    3. really? hmmm never seen them, will have to hunt them down and give them ago :D

    4. chocolate orange sounds yummy! just hopefully they don't taste like Cadbury roses tangy orange crème- far too sweet!

  4. I remember a different version of them Barny cakes. Years back like early 2000's as a little girl, they were Spanish or French? can't quite put my finger on it, but I remember there being a strawberry and chocolate version.

  5. ergh^ why do you have to comment such crude phrases. This is a review on snacks not anything you're referring to. Completely irrelevant. Kev have you seen this comment?

    1. The comment was removed. No rude comments please guys this is a family friendly blog!

  6. Will you be reviewing any of these items Kev? :-)

    1. Possibly :) Maybe not all though, there's too many!


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