Nestlé Orion Pistachio Cream Bar (Czech) Review

I've had this bar in the snacks archive for ages now, in fact I bought it last year alongside a Blueberry Cheese variety from my local import store. I don't know if its still available or not, but if you've seen/tried it yourself please let me know in the comments!

Nestlé Orion is a Czech brand that makes some very interesting chocolate bars. I've reviewed quite a few since starting the blog - Orion Deli Raspberry, Orion Studentska, Orion Lime Cream, Orion Banány White, etc. I always love to see what new products they come up with as they're far more exciting than a lot of stuff we get in the UK!

This Pistachio Cream bar was no exception. For £2.59 I got a huge slab of chocolate filled with pistachio cream, chocolate cream and a crunchy pistachio filling. I loved the unique, curvy block design it had:

Cutting into the bar there were two different layers - a chocolate cream lower half and a green pistachio cream upper half, topped off with a layer of chopped pistachios. All of this was wrapped in sweet milk chocolate.

This bar was quite simply delicious! It's not often I sing Nestlé's praises but this was one of the nicest bars I've tried from them. The pistachio cream filling was so smooth, rich and nutty it was to die for. It contained vegetable fat which makes it melt-in-the-mouth like Lindor, and while I'm not a fan of vegetable fat in chocolate it actually worked really well here! The chocolate coating was very sweet and milky, nothing amazing but it worked well with the filling. The bar was perfect with a cup of coffee, and because it was so rich I only needed a few pieces to feel satisfied.

Green chocolate bar!
Overall, this is a fantastic bar from Czech Nestlé and one that Nestlé UK should seriously consider introducing here. If you spot these bars anywhere I would recommend giving them a try! Please stay tuned for my review of the Blueberry Cheese version...

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

Have you tried/seen this bar? Let me know in the comments!


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