Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Caramel Butter Biscuits Review

As well as the Bahlsen Pick Up! biscuits I reviewed recently I was also sent some of these Choco Leibniz Caramel to review. I've been wanting to try these for a while since seeing them in shops so am glad to have finally gotten my hands on some!

Choco Leibniz are basically German style butter biscuits...or Kekse as they're called in Germany...with a thick layer of milk chocolate on top. In fact they're advertised as having "more chocolate than biscuit" and this is their unique selling point. Eating these biscuits you get the satisfaction of nibbling on a hefty amount of chocolate as well as the delicious buttery biscuit below. Added to that is the luxury of caramel...what better way to enjoy a biscuit?!

The pack contains 9 biscuits, and on opening it I was met with a strong delicious chocolatey aroma. It was quite potent compared to the chocolate we usually get on biscuits here in the UK - a lot richer, thanks to the higher percentage of cocoa solids usually found in European chocolates.

I cut one of the biscuits in half to get a picture of the caramel layer...which proved rather difficult! It's a fairly thin layer so it got a bit lost in the chocolate and biscuit elements. I attempted to scrape some of the chocolate away so you can see it here:

Although the caramel layer is quite thin I think this is to stop it oozing out of the biscuit, but thankfully it was full of flavour - rich, buttery and smooth, as caramel should be!

Combined with the thick milk chocolate and buttery biscuit, the caramel made these extremely indulgent and they're the perfect treat to go with a cuppa. I enjoyed dunking mine in tea and allowing the chocolate and caramel to go all gooey, whilst also softening up the biscuit base. They tasted amazing, and let's just say I didn't stop at eating the one! ;)

Overall, these are very luxurious and tasty biscuits that I would highly recommend. They're a lot more satisfying than the average Hobnob or Bourbon Cream and perfect for those times when you want something that's a bit of a treat.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

Price: £1.79, although I've seen them for just 89p at Home Bargains!
Suitable for vegetarians?: All Bahlsen biscuits are suitable for vegetarians.
Allergy Information: Contains wheat, milk, soya, egg. May contain nuts.
Nutrition (per 2 biscuits): 149 Calories, 18g Carbs, 13g Sugar, 7.4g Fat.

*These biscuits were sent for an honest review and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I keep meaning to try these, I loved the Pick Up! biscuits but I like the sound of the caramel layer in these!


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