Nestle Orion Margot Artemis

This review is mainly to serve as a warning: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!
"Marzipan with out of date rum flavoring that's been left on a shelf for five years, then wrapped up and sold", is how my friend described the taste of this bar. A tad dramatic maybe, but I have to agree.

This bar was awful in every way and took us totally by surprise. I initially assumed it was some kind of fruity coconut bar, judging by the exotic looking picture on the wrapper.

It actually turned out to be some rum-flavored coconut/marzipan abomination. The taste was just awful. Artificial, chemically, mega-sweet, and just..inedible really.
My friend spat his out, but I managed to gulp my piece down...just.

This isn't the first bad experience I've had with the Orion brand (although I enjoyed the Studentska bar)...but more to come on that later!

You have been warned: if you happen to see this in your local Polish store, do not buy it!
It actually baffles me that someone, somewhere probably enjoys eating this product.


  1. Ah what a shame! It looks like chocolate-coated coconut ice on the packet which would have been awesome. Definitely one to give a miss from the sounds of it.

  2. That chocolate bar looks like it stepped straight out of the 1980's! Sounds horrid though so thanks for the warning!

  3. This is not supposed to be neither marzipan nor coconut ice, it's a 'soy bar', which might explain the weird texture.
    When I was little they used to put proper chocolate over it and I admit I used to enjoy it, but nowadays everything is wrapped in cheap mockolate and I have to agree that it's pretty gross. Also this strange variety is definitely the worst out there, bleh.

  4. its lovely full of goodness better that the normal crap availalable

  5. Just spotted one in a shop i was working in. Thought it looked nice. As soon as i opened it i was hit with the smell of nail varnish remover. After having a bite it wasnt as harsh but still odd though, you can kind of get the rum flavour but its got to be very cheap or out of date. The chocolates no better either

  6. I actually love it. There's no chocolate or alcohol in it but the fermented flavot comes from the soya coconut mixture. Try it for yourself and don't take the word of random people on the internet whi may or may not work for Nestle competitors.


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