Yorica Vanilla Free From Vegan Ice Cream Review

Yorica Vanilla Free From

Following on from my review of the Coco Nutters Salted Caramel Sticks, I thought I'd do another Dairy Free Vegan ice cream product I picked up in Waitrose. Yorica ice creams seem to only be available in large Waitrose stores as well as Ocado.com (thus far) so I had to take the opportunity to try one. They cost £4.99 a tub which is equivalent to the similar Halo Top Non Dairy ice cream tubs.

Described as "Rice drink and coconut based frozen vanilla dessert" this comes in a 340g tub and is also available in a Chocolate and Salted Caramel flavour. Yorica ice creams are free from 14 major allergens including nuts, eggs, gluten, dairy and soy and of course are suitable for vegans. I picked up this vanilla variety rather than the chocolate as it didn't have as many binders in the ingredients. It contains fructose rather than white sugar, if that sort of thing matters to you. There's also real Madagascan "spent vanilla seeds" in the ingredients - which I have never heard of before... (google here I come!)

Yorica ice cream vanilla vegan

When I got this tub home it was pretty much all melted and the perfect consistency for eating, so I dove right in. And it's delicious! I've had a few dairy free ice creams like this now and often they do taste a bit like sorbet with coconut cream added, but on this occasion it was a lot more like a soft serve Cornish vanilla ice cream. Lovely! No doubt the added rice mixed with the coconut is responsible for that. For once I didn't feel like I was missing out on the creamy taste and texture that makes regular dairy ice cream so good. This is definitely an ice cream I'd buy again for those times I want to go easy on the dairy!

Yorica ice cream vegan

Overall, this is one I'd highly recommend to anyone with allergies or who is vegan. It's a shame it's currently only available in Waitrose but hopefully other stores will start selling it too! Next on my list to try is Salted Caramel...

For more info on Yorica ice cream see their web site here:



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