Kitkat Ruby is here (UK)!

Kitkat Ruby UK

Just a quick heads up...Kitkat Ruby has now arrived on UK shelves, in Tesco! I spotted this bar for 85p in Tesco Express in the chocolate bars section. It should be available in all stores within the next week or so. Happy hunting!

Kitkat Ruby UK

If you try this bar please do let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Will be on the lookout.

    1. Only an hour after leaving this comment, I found them in my local (big) Tesco! I haven't had it yet but it's certainly very intriguing.

  2. Hi Kev, we tried one of these today in the office. It was a different experience, we were a little underwhelmed.

    We were expecting something a little bit more. The conclusion was that we wouldn't buy it again. It tasted like yogurt covered raisins or a Go Ahead bar, which we weren't impressed by.

    Here's our overall ratings:
    Carole: 8/10
    Sarah: 6/10
    Simon: 6/10
    Adam: 5/10

    Overall, we're happy we gave it a go. However, the packaging was really the best part about this confectionery item.

    Keep up the good work Kev!

  3. Tried this today. I'm going to review some point. Honestly.... its odd.... its almost unpleasant. A really strange sour milk, come berries flavour. Just strange. I wouldn't personally buy again but worth trying to make your own mind up. Haven't finished it yet... and that's a rarity for me

  4. hi kev, we also tried this a few weeks back and ended up emptying Tesco's stock and bought about 17 bars in total.

    I have to agree with Adam, that they tasted a lot like the go ahead bars in a strawberry type flavour, although we did enjoy it because the chocolate was pink and in a pretty packaging which made it very appealing and is an interesting concept due to the use of the Ruby cocoa bean.

    Overall, probably would not repurchase, would opt for a kitkat chunky instead

    Ratings: 5.75/10


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