Innocent Dairy Free Almond Milk Review

innoccent dairy free almond milk

Innocent, famous for their bottled smoothies have attempted to branch out in a few areas in recent years. They've done things like vegetable juices and Fruity Spring Waters, but now they've launched their own range of vegan and dairy free Nut Milks, made with just three ingredients, and no stabilisers or thickeners. This is certainly a good move, since many who buy nut milks are tired of all the weird things added in brands likes Alpro.

I picked up this 750ml bottle for £1.99 in Waitrose, I think it was an introductory offer but I'm not sure. There was also a Hazelnut variety there and I believe Innocent make a Coconut version too.

Consisting of just almonds, sea salt and spring water, I didn't think there was much I would be able to say about this and I was right - it tastes as you would expect. If you've ever made nut milk at home this is pretty much the same thing, just pressed nuts and water. It has a slight marzipan-ish taste from the almonds and is good mixed in tea or coffee, but I think it would work best in smoothies or shakes as the consistency is a little thin. This is to be expected due to the lack of thickeners so this isn't a criticism at all. I liked that it tasted natural - other nut milks inevitably taste weird in some way due to the added calcium, vitamins and stabilisers, but this tastes pretty fresh and clean.

Overall, there's not a lot to say about this Innocent Almond Milk other than it does what it's supposed to! I would buy this again over other nut milks to avoid the unwanted additives, and I'll certainly be on the lookout for the Coconut version as I do tend to prefer coconut milks in general.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Almonds (5.8%), Sea Salt

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. Hmm i might try this. I dont have any specific need to have a milk alternatives and have tried a lot and like you am put off by all the stuff added to them and would much rather just drink milk (esp as most of them are crap in tea). It sounds like this would be good on cereal with that taste.

    I have this type of almond milk to try next

    i did not pay that price - it was randomly on my local market stall, and surprisingly is still in date (often things aren't which for most things doesnt matter) - and it was only 50p! i would never pay £3.40 i dont plan on making it frothy so am interested to see what its like. I've bought the cold brew coffee of this brand and it was quite nice (probably all the sugar..)

    i plan on switching between milk and milk alternatives i think. i like coconut milk the best, like you. rice milk too watery, oat milk ok, almond milk ok.

    1. I've tried that Califia one, will probably review it soon actually. It's ok but a little bland...I think the Innocent one tastes better probably due to the lack of additives. I also tried the Califia Coconut version and wasn't really a fan. I like the Vita Coco Milk the best out of them all :)

    2. ive found the vita coco ones doesn't last as long as some of the other brands (possibly cos it has less crap in it) - which isn't ideal for me as its a big bottle and sometimes gets wasted as i only really use it at a weekend and not the whole bottle.

      my brother pointed out that it takes a lot of resources to make almond milk so not ideal environmentally, which i hadn't thought of before.

  2. I also prefer the Innocent Almond Milk. I don't mind paying extra for it. It lasts a week - only use in muesli. Highest almond content I've seen. I asked Innocent where they source theirs almonds and spring water, but the came back and said it is a secret. Don't know why that would be. Surely they are obliged to state origin if ingredients.

    1. Hmm interesting. Maybe they want to protect their supplier from being poached by other companies.


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