Tesco Finest Free From Belgian Chocolate Brownies

Tesco Finest Belgian Free From Brownies

It's hard to find a good brownie when you're gluten free, but over time there's been an increase in the quality of gluten free products. Costa's Gluten Free Brownie is probably the best, and Aldi's Gluten Free Brownies are also pretty great too. When I spotted these Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate Free From Brownies I wondered if they'd be just as excellent - Tesco do have a reputation for some tasty products in their Finest range after all.

Tesco Finest Belgian Free From Brownies

Containing pieces of Belgian white chocolate, these come in hefty thick chunks and are perfectly stodgy when bitten into - the perfect texture in fact, not too gooey and not too firm. I loved them. Taste wise they were delicious, very rich with a lot of cocoa flavour, and the white chocolate breaking up the taste with hints of creaminess. I really enjoyed these; they felt like a luxurious treat especially for gluten free brownies!

Overall, whilst these may not be quite as excellent as the Costa Gluten Free Brownie or the Aldi Gluten Free Brownies, they're still some of the best around in supermarkets. The addition of the white chocolate chunks makes them a little bit more naughty - perfect if you really want to spoil yourself.

8 out of 10. 


  1. Intriged to see proper chocolately gluten free brownies that they haven't shoved bloody nuts in to!!

  2. Try the ones at Sainsburys they're lush as well as gluten/dairy free


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