Marks & Spencer Christmas Pudding Smoothie

Marks & Spencer Christmas Pudding Smoothie

There's always one novelty product every Christmas that intrigues you to the point you just have to try it. From the likes of Chocolate Veggies (this year Tesco are doing Carrot Truffles as well as Sprouts - last year it was Chocolate Potatoes), Candy Cane Crisps, Salted Caramel Crisps and Mince Pie Fudge, there's always something fun or just plain weird.

This year it's M&S who may have won the Weirdest Christmas Product award - they're doing a Christmas Pudding Smoothie! And of course this isn't just any smoothie, it's an M&S smoothie so they have gone the extra mile and actually used raisin purée (!) to give it that authentic Christmas Pudding taste and texture. It's all in good spirit too as 5% is donated to Shelter from every pack, something that will be very welcome at this time of year with austerity cuts. 

Marks & Spencer Christmas Pudding Smoothie

Described as "a dairy smoothie made from raisin purée, yogurt, apples, cinnamon and flavourings" this costs £1.50 and can be found amongst the M&S festive sandwich range. 

Marks & Spencer Christmas Pudding Smoothie

It had a brownish colour with spices and raisin "bits" visible within.

I took a sip. Initially I was hit with the taste of cinnamon - not bad at all. The yogurt and cream make it somewhat tangy and creamy and then the raisin flavour hit me. It's very reminiscent of Christmas Pud indeed, almost as though someone had been blitzed one up and then added it to a smoothie (appetising right?) There were gritty bits of raisin in it, which wasn't the nicest texture, but kudos to M&S for making it authentically like Christmas Pud! 

Overall, this is certainly an unusual product, but it's really not as bad as expected. I can't see it being all that popular beyond the novelty factor but hey, at least it's a healthy way to get a Christmas pudding fix over the festive season! It's also a source of vitamin C - win! 

Ingredients: raisin purée, low fat yoghurt, skimmed milk, apple juice, apple purée, single cream, lemon juice, antioxidant ascorbic acid, flavourings, cinnamon extract.

Nutrition Information per 100ml: 86 calories, 1.3g fat, 15.4g carbohydrates, 10.3g sugars, 2.7g protein.

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. Looks too much like vomit!

    handy for prop makers?

  2. Is it really "christmas pudding" without a good slug of booze, though?


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