Black Geo Glasses - Christmas Gift Ideas

Root 17 Geo Glasses

For this festive season, rather than try every sweet product I can find I'm branching out a bit into a hopefully healthier direction. I'm not reviewing as many sweets but products suitable for general Christmas Gifts. Yay! I'm very excited because I do love a challenge, and there's so much cool stuff in shops aside from snacks. If there's anything you'd like to see reviewed, please do leave a comment and let me know what - I'll try my best to see if I can find it!

Root 17 Geo Glasses

Today's review is for some super special glasses I was sent to review, sold by Root 7. I've seen some fancy whisky glasses in my time but none quite as special as these!

Root 17 Geo Glasses

Called Geo after their geometric design, they come in either black or gold. They look almost like candle holders, not that that's a complaint, because they fit the bill as super special alcohol glasses too. They can actually be used to display your favourite succulent, which means small plant or cactus (who knew?)

Even though I'm all spirit at this time of year, I didn't have any booze on hand to try these with so you'll have to bask in their glory with my Hand Selfie photos. They look beautiful don't they? (The glasses, not my hands!)

Rest assured, once the booze is flowing over the festive season I'll do an update on these, but for now all you need to know is that they're fab and available from Root 7. Definitely one for the whisky lover in your life!


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