Creighton's Spiced Tangerine Dark Chocolate

Creighton's Spiced Tangerine Dark Chocolate

This is Part 2 of my Creighton's Chocolaterie festive reviews, do check out my review of their Mulled Wine Milk Chocolate from a few days ago. As well as that bar they sent me this Spiced Tangerine, described simply as a "citrus flavoured dark chocolate bar with spices". This is available from Fenwicks stores as well as Creighton's Website. They have a rather lovely range of festive chocolates indeed, such as Bucks Fizz Truffles, Chocolate Sprouts, and check them out!

Creighton's Spiced Tangerine Dark Chocolate

I do love a good dark chocolate, especially one with an orangey flavouring so I was very excited to try this. Opening the wrapper it certainly had a nice zesty aroma.

Creighton's Spiced Tangerine Dark Chocolate

I broke off a chunk and took a bite. The dark chocolate is semisweet, somewhere around 50% cocoa solids at a guess (the wrapper doesn't state the percentage). The tangerine flavour is very fresh, moreso than regular orange chocolate and blends well with the spices, which are subtle and creep in in the aftertaste. They're at just the right level - not too strong that they overpower the other flavours, not too weak that you can't taste them. This made for a lovely treat alongside a cup of coffee, which is definitely how I'd recommend eating it!

Overall, another lovely bar from Creighton's, this would also make a lovely Christmas gift for anyone vegan or who can't eat dairy - it offers a unique flavour pairing that you won't find with other dairy free dark chocolates (please note though - if you have a serious dairy allergy, this is made in a factory that handles dairy).

8 out of 10. 


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