Sugarfina Box Review


Sugarfina recently contacted me to review one of their gourmet candy boxes, and as a lover of all things sweet I couldn't say no to that. They make quite an impressive range of artisan products, from cocktail gummies, birthday cake chocolates, and a fantastic range of caramels too. To check out their full range visit their UK website at

The box they sent me contains a trio of interesting treats, including Robin's Egg Caramels, Jelly Ice Cream Cones and Champagne Gummy Bears.

Robin's Egg Caramels:

The caramels were the ones I was most eager to try, not only are they like crunchy coated chocolate eggs, they also contain a caramel filling!

The chocolate is 43% cocoa dark chocolate, with the caramel filling being chewy and creamy. It tasted delicious! The contrast between chocolate, chewy carmel and crunchy candy shell is perfect, making these tasty but somehow more sophisticated than your average chocolates. They weren't throat burningly sweet like mini eggs and felt like a real treat. 9 out of 10.

Jelly Ice Cream Cones:

The jelly ice cream cones smelled perfect, with aromas of vanilla and caramel in abundance. And unlike mainstream gummy sweets like Haribo, these didn't just taste of pure sugar - they were fruity, creamy and with a nice vanilla edge that made them super tasty. They were so addictive I couldn't stop eating them. Love! 9 out of 10.

Champagne Bears:
sugarfina champagne bears

Last but not least, the Champagne Bears are a more adult version of gummy bears with Dom Perignon Vintage champagne in the ingredients. These tasted as advertised, sweet gummy bears with a slight alcoholic edge in both Brut and Rose flavours. They weren't my thing to be honest since I don't like alcohol flavoured sweets, but if you like all things champagne then you'll surely love them. 7 out of 10.

Overall, this Sugarfina box is an excellent variety of sweets, and would make a great special gift for birthdays or Christmas. I would love to try one of just the chocolate and caramel Sugarfina products, as they sound pretty amazing. If gummy sweets are your thing this might be the selection for you, although Sugarfina also do other boxes focused on gummies. Check them out at

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10. 


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