Montezuma's Black Forest Gateau Pudding Bar

Montezuma's Black Forest Gateau Pudding Bar

The Montezuma's range seems to be steadily expanding in Sainsbury's stores recently, from the likes of the Absolute Black bar and the Geranium and Orange, and now they're also stocking these Great British Pudding Bars. I picked up the Black Forest Gateau variety recently to see if it lives up to the classic cakey treat.

Montezuma's Black Forest Gateau Pudding Bar

Described as "Dark chocolate with cherry" this cost £1.50 and is currently on special offer. The bar comes foil wrapped, with the classic Montezuma's design of segmented blocks on the upper half and a thicker chunk at the bottom with the Montezuma's symbol on. I like the design, it's a bit different!

Taste wise it was a nice fruity rich dark chocolate, with earthy tones. Sweet enough to be palatable (70% cocoa solids) but strong enough to give a good flavour. The cherry pieces enhanced the flavour with a gentle tartness, which complimented the chocolate perfectly. I did feel there could have been more of them, and there were no other ingredients to make this similar to a Black Forest Gateau so I do think they're pushing it by giving this bar such a name. Regardless, it's still a tasty bar of chocolate.

Overall, this is a good bar from Montezuma's that I would happily buy again, and I do hope to see more varieties in Sainsbury's in the future.

Nutrition Information (per 25g): 10g Fat, 9g Carbohydrates, 7g Sugars, 2g Protein, 2g Fibre.

8.5 out of 10.


  1. I saw this bar pop up on Instagram and I thought then they were pushing it with the naming. It's clearly a Dark Chocolate & Cherry bar, but they just wanted a fancier name and I can't abide by the desire to go for a 'Gateau' creation without actually putting the work in to make it so. Pet peeve! :D


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