Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips

Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips

Coconut chips seem to be one of the new snacking trends this year, and I for one am very pleased about that. I've had mixed success with some brands I've tried so I was hoping these dark chocolate coconut chips from Maui and Sons would be a win. They're available in Poundland and discount stores like Bargain Buys and are gluten free and vegan friendly. 

Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips

It's fairly obvious the coating isn't "real" chocolate but rather a blend of vegetable fat, sugar and cocoa, but that doesn't matter because they are pretty tasty! The cocoa flavours compliment the crunchy tropical coconut perfectly, making for a moreish snack. I soon polished off the whole bag.

Overall, if you're one of the coconutters out there like myself (you know who you are!) then these are a must try! For £1 they're a great bargain compared to other brands.

8.5 out of 10.


  1. I've bought these in Primark a few times after seeing them in quite a few videos by Brogan Tate in YouTube and she swears by them. I find them absolutely delicious.

  2. I've bought bags full from Primark. Obsessed!


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