Go Coco Coconut Shakes: Chocolate Fudge, Banana Split, Strawberries & Cream

Recently Home Bargains started selling this range of Go Coco Coconut Milk shakes, in three flavours; Chocolate Fudge, Banana Split and Strawberries & Cream. I had never heard of them before so snapped up all three flavours. They were around 70p or so per carton.

They're suitable for vegans, dairy and gluten free and contain no refined sugars. They're sweetened with date nectar and stevia as well as fruit purees, and contain dietary fibres.

Starting with the Chocolate Fudge variety, this is the one I enjoyed the most of the three. It had a very sweet but distinctly fudgey chocolate flavour that was very nice. The coconut milk made it somehow lighter and more refreshing than a milkshake containing dairy. I would definitely buy this one again, I loved it! 8.5 out of 10. 

The Strawberries & Cream was my second favourite, it was a bit sweeter due to the extra strawberry puree, but very refreshing and tasty. This would be perfect on a Summers day. 8 out of 10. 

Last but not least, the Banana Split. Now banana flavoured products are always tricky to get right, and even though this contains real banana puree it still somehow tasted a little artificial and overly sweet. Maybe it was the stevia, but it didn't taste quite right somehow. Still it wasn't bad, and definitely makes for a nice alternative to dairy milkshakes. 7.5 out of 10. 

Overall, this range from Go Coco gets a big thumbs up from me, they're not perfect but for vegan and dairy free milkshakes they're certainly better than a lot of stuff that's out there. They're refreshing and light, and great for Summer picnics. Thank goodness companies are starting to cater to people who are vegan or allergic to dairy!

Nutrition Information (per carton);
Chocolate Fudge: 299 Calories, 12.2g Fat, 42.3g Carbohydrates, 14.4g Sugars, 2.5g Protein, 4.9g Fibre.

Strawberries & Cream: 250 Calories, 11.5g Fat, 33g Carbohydrates, 15.5g Sugars, 3.7g Fibre, 1.8g Protein.

Banana Split: 240 Calories, 11.4g Fat, 30.6g Carbohydrates, 12.9g Sugars, 3.8g Fibre, 1.7g Protein.


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