Tesco Finest White Chocolate & Coffee Egg

There's a lot of cool and fancy Easter Eggies in the shops right now (see my post on the best ones here), you'll be spoilt for choice this Easter, seriously! My money is on the Tesco Finest Coconut Egg being the best of the bunch (see Hannah The Review Addict's Review), but sadly I don't have much money to splash out willy nilly, so when I fancied an Easter Egg fix I decided to make do with this cheaper Tesco Finest White Chocolate & Coffee Egg which costs £3 for 100g. I loooove coffee, and I looooove white chocolate, so having the two combined in one egg sounded like coffee heaven. I tried Marks & Spencers Coffee Lovers Egg last year and that was pretty awesome, but this sounded potentially even better...?

Unfortunately, it was nowhere near as good. Boo! It's described as "Belgian white chocolate egg with Finest Colombian coffee and Belgian milk chocolate decoration", but reading the ingredients (after I'd already bought and eaten it!) I noticed it contains only 0.5% coffee, which explains why it wasn't quite the coffee hit I was seeking!

The white chocolate is pleasant enough, very creamy and sweet as expected, not the "finest" around (har har) but it was good. The coffee added a very vague coffee flavour but it was so faint I could hardly tell it was there, it was more of an aftertaste. It wasn't even worthy of being called a Cappuccino flavoured egg. Disappointing!

Overall, if you're after a good coffee and chocolate Easter egg I wouldn't bother with this. Try the Coffee Lovers Egg from M&S instead, or even something from another supermarket...just don't waste your time with this.

5 out of 10.


  1. Oh no! 0.5% is stingy!! Shame that this didn't have much of that coffee hit. I really want to try the coconut egg, it looks delicious.


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