Eggcellent Easter Eggs In Shops 2016

Cosmic, dude! 
There's a lot of weird, wacky, and beautiful Easter Eggs in the shops this year, moreso than any other Easter it seems. Tesco and M&S are leading the way in innovation, and for today's post I'm going to give a rundown of some of the most interesting ones I've seen so far. This is by no means an exhaustive list...please see my Instagram page for loads more!

Exhibit A (shown above): the very pricey and beautiful Giant Cosmic Egg from Marks & Spencer. There's only 5000 of these in existence, which isn't surprising since they're £40 each!

There's also this Saturn Egg with Marc De Champagne Chocolates from M&S, which resembles something Lady Gaga would put on her head...

A chocolate planet! 
There's loads of new flavours too; Tesco do a glorious White Chocolate Finest Coconut Egg (check out The Review Addicts Review here!) as well as flavours like Passionfruit, Pistachio, and a Milkybar Cookies & Cream Egg embedded with cookie pieces. It's going to be hard to choose with all this eggyness! 

It doesn't stop at the Eggs however, there's various hollow chicks, lambs, bunnies and pigs gracing the shelves too. Like this huge "Chirpie Charlie Chick" from Marks and Spencer (with a chicken that size you'll be good for eggs for the rest of the year!):

Cluck cluck...
If you're on a budget, there's this cheaper version from Asda who seems to be half egg and half chick!:

Egg head! 
And there's some rather "cheeky" characters too...see these rude chocolate monkeys from Asda (we're all thinking the same thing right?): 

Is that a banana in your hand or are you just pleased to see me?! 
As if all these weren't enough, The Teletubbies have been resurrected and given their own bizarre Egg and Breakfast combo set (because giving children chocolate for breakfast is normal?!). Find it in B&M Bargains:
Teletubbies say...hell...o! 

B&M are also doing both Pot Noodle Eggs (minus the Pot Noodle, boo!) and Marmite Eggs:

Where's the Pot Noodle?!

Love it or hate it? Or not fussed either way? 

There's also plenty of non egg-themed products, such as Gluten Free Hot Cross Bun Cookies and  Egg-cellent Gluten Free Cupcakes from Asda, and also this Easter Egg Custard Bizarre bar from The Chocolate Smiths, which contains a custard flavour filling with white chocolate. Sounds delicious! 

I could go on, there's lots more glorious Easter products in shops right now, particularly Marks & Spencer and Tesco, but I think that's enough excitement for one day! :) 

Please stay tuned for my review of The Tesco Finest White Chocolate & Coffee Egg, coming shortly....

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What fantastic Easter products have you seen in shops this year? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Argh I really want the space inspired eggs from M&S! What's the chances they'll have any reduced ones left after Easter??

    1. You never know! A few years back I got a discounted Percy with sprinkle shorts - He was epic! xx

  2. I really want to try that Bizzare chocolate bar! Sounds awesome

  3. "And there's some rather "cheeky" characters too...see these rude chocolate monkeys from Asda (we're all thinking the same thing right?)".

    Yes, they all do look like Ainsley Harriott.


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