Magnum Signature Dark Chocolate Bar

It's been a while since I tried the White Magnum Signature chocolate bar last year, in fact I wasn't all that interested in these bars to be honest because they're pretty much just using the same chocolate that's on a Magnum and putting it in bar form. And as nice as it is, the chocolate isn't really the main attraction of a Magnum ice cream is it?

Still, these bars can be found for a very reasonable £1 in WH Smiths so they're a good choice if you're on a budget and only want to pay a quid for some quality chocolate.

I decided to go for the Dark Signature bar this time, which contains cocoa nibs as well as the dark chocolate used on dark Magnum ice creams.

It tastes as you would expect; fairly rich semisweet dark chocolate with a bit of extra cocoa crunch. I wouldn't say the cocoa nibs enhanced the taste all that much, in fact I'm not fond of the texture of cocoa nibs so they didn't do much for me. But still this was a nice enough bar, satisfying with a cup of coffee.

Overall, this bar won't set your tastebuds alight but if you fancy some decent chocolate at a cheap price it's pretty good. I think the White and Milk varieties are much better though!

7 out of 10.


  1. Howdy! I just wanted to bring a small British chocolate company to your attention, they are called Stateside treat emporium and they have a bunch of really cool chocolate bar flavors, I actually found them through you when you posted about those bizarre bars.

  2. its pretty average for dark choc needs to be cheap for sales lol


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