Cadbury Milk Tray New Flavours: Apple Crunch, Salted Caramel & Truffle Heart

Recently, Cadbury's PR sent me a huge box of the new Cadbury Milk Tray flavours to review, I wasn't too excited about the prospect to be honest because as we all know Cadbury's stuff just isn't what it used to be. The new flavours are Salted Caramel Charm, Apple Crunch and Chocolate Truffle. Not the most inspiring flavours, but at least Apple is a flavour not often used in chocolate!

Unfortunately all three were pretty rubbish.

The Apple Crunch is described as "Apple flavour white chocolate truffle with a cinnamon crunch" and has been "specially crafted to celebrate 100 years of delicious Milk Tray moments". Cutting into it didn't excite me crunch to speak of, it just looked like a pale cream filling. And that's how it tasted...very mild, not much flavour, pretty boring really. It's unfortunate because it did have potential to be nice, what flavour there is was quite mild and subtly pleasant, you can taste the cinnamon, but it just doesn't stand out much. This could have been so much nicer! 6 out of 10.

The Salted Caramel surely couldn't go wrong...could it? Well yes, when it's not even a "proper" gooey caramel but just a hard toffee! That's exactly what this was; a regular hard chewy toffee disguised as something special. I couldn't taste the salt at all, although I hate hard toffee so I probably didn't chew long enough to taste any. Very disappointing. 4 out of 10.

Last and definitely least, was the Chocolate Truffle Heart, which I already knew was going to be rubbish. It tasted exactly as I nothing in particular. There was hardly any distinction between the outer waxy Cadbury (*cough* Mondelez! *cough*) chocolate and the inner truffle. It was just an amalgamation of sweet waxiness that was so boring I spat it out on principle.

The rest of the selection was the usual Milk Tray stuff...fudges, caramels, hazelnut, orange, strawberry, praline etc.

I'm sad to say that Milk Tray, like many formerly great Cadbury products, has gone to the dogs. The selection is uninspiring, overly sweet and with poor quality chocolate. Spend your hard earned cash on Lindt, Hotel Chocolat or Green & Blacks instead. Your other half will thank you for it!


  1. Boo :( Cadbury really has gone down the Swanee.. Its such a shame! I'm still angry about them changing the Creme Egg chocolate - Literally will never touch one again!

  2. I got sent the same box which I'll be reviewing soon but tried them last night and was appalled with how bad they were. I haven't had milk tray for years and these just all tasted pretty much of sweet vegetable fat. I spat quite a few of them out they were that bad.

  3. Where is Turkish delight? The new Apple flavour is most odd
    Sad to say I will not be purchasing again
    Why change something that has been proven over so many years???

  4. My Mrs got a typical box for her Birthday.

    Passed half to me, saying she didn't like them.

    My initial enthusiasm died quickly when they all tasted very meh, no rich chocolate taste just sweet cloying fat/oil. This taste is universal for all chocolates in the box.

    And the new flavours are grim, the apple crunch one is just bizarre.

    Another case of a classic institution being meddled with.

    1. I bought myself a box. Thank goodness it was a small one and on special.

      Never again,

  5. Valentine disappointment. The worse 'chocolates' I have eaten since Christmas 2015 when I received my first and last box of Thornton's mass produced, chocolate substitute, festival selection. It is sad, the UK used to have a thriving confectionery industry. I would rather pay more and receive the taste sensation of my childhood. Cadbury Milk Tray is flavourless wax bombs.

  6. Over sweet, and boring lumps of sugary wax. Was giving a box for my birthday from my granddaughter. Gone is the smooth distinctive Cadbury flavour. They all taste the same, and where has the Turkish delight gone? I am a true chocoholic, with a very sweet tooth, but these are way too sweet. Will think twice before purchasing Cadbury again! Before when asked what chocolate I wanted, my response would have been "anything Cadbury" we'll not anymore. Very disappointed!

  7. Sickly, sweet and dull, never again. I thought that it would be a treat for myself, a nostalgia trip. Ha ha.

    Whittakers New Zealand are the best; ask Nigella Lawson. They leave Cadbury's nowhere and are up there with the world's best.


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