Cadbury Bubbles of Joy Duo Mint

Cadbury have recently added a few new products to their Bubbles of Joy mousse range: a limited edition white chocolate variety, an orange variety and also this Mint Duo. It looks suspiciously similar to the Aero Mint Mousse already produced by Nestle...there seems to be a bit of copying going on in the snacks world lately!

I found these for only 50p in Heron Foods, they were still in date so I'm not sure why they were being sold so cheap.

There didn't seem to be much in each pot, they're very dinky so I'm glad I didn't pay too much. There's a section of green-coloured mint mousse and regular chocolate mousse.

It's basically just light mousse that tastes somewhat minty and chocolatey. I didn't like them to be honest, the texture wasn't airy enough and was rather gelatinous. If you're a fan of Aero Mint mousse I would stick with those instead!

RATING: 6 out of 10.


  1. I tried the white chocolate one and it was really disappointing. Barely tasted of anything.

  2. All the new ones have been so disappointing really. They need to step up their game!


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