Nestlé Rolo Dark Chocolate Review

Nestlé UK have been quietly releasing new variations of their classic products over the last year or so...we've had Toffee Crisp in Sharing Block format, a new Milkybar with added Cookies, White Aero's, Toffee Kitkats, Caramel Kitkats, Honeycomb Toffee Crisps, and now these...Dark Rolos.

Although they're called "Dark", they contain only 45% cocoa solids, which I guess is about as "dark" as a mass produced chocolate like this is going to get.

To be honest, if I was given these in a blind taste test I don't think I would have been able to tell they were dark chocolate. They tasted pretty similar to regular Rolos, although maybe a tad less milky. They were still extremely sweet and moreish, with the classic sweet toffee centres making me reach for one too many. Before I knew it half the bag had gone....oops!

Overall, although these are not truly dark chocolate and won't impress chocolate conoissours, they're a very moreish snack and presumably less sugary than regular Rolos, so if you're concerned with sugar intake I suppose these have a place in the chocolate world. I doubt they will stick around, but kudos to Nestlé for trying new variations. I think white chocolate Rolos would've been a better option though to be honest!

RATING: 7 out of 10. 

Price: £1.50 at Sainsbury's.
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Contains milk, may contain traces of wheat gluten.
Nutrition (5 sweets): 126 Calories, 5.8g Fat, 17.1g Carbs, 14.2g Sugars.


  1. I have discovered these and enjoyed them so much I bought 12 packets!! I thought there was a very distinctive "dark" taste and unlike you, I failed to stop at half a packet. Cannot find another stockist yet, having withdrawal symptioms. Good review Kev.


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