Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Ice Creams: Fairground Candy Crunch

Recently, Cadbury announced the launch of their new "Marvellous Ice Creams" range, which includes 4 flavours: Zingy Raspberry Choc Brownie, Fairground Candy Crunch, Jelly Popping Candy and Salted Caramel & Sour Cherry. So far I've tried two of the flavours and my first review is for Fairground Candy Crunch.

Fairground Candy Crunch is an evocative name, it conjured up images of candyfloss and helter skelters in my mind, so I was very excited to try this. I know...I'm such a sucker for marketing! The ice cream is described as "Candyfloss and chocolate flavour ice creams, swirled with milk chocolate, pink sugar crunch, sugar coated jelly pieces and mini marshmallows".

Opening the tub reveled the two ice creams swirled together, with plenty of pink sugar sprinkles and jelly pieces embedded within.

The taste was interesting. The candyfloss ice cream had a strong candyfloss flavour - very sweet and almost floral. The chocolate ice cream was rather plain in comparison, but nice enough. The pink sugar crunch added a, and the jelly pieces added a fruity chewiness. The mini marshmallows were pleasant but I didn't think they worked so well with the cold ice cream.

Solid Dairy Milk "swirl"
The most interesting part of this ice cream was the swirl of was actually solid Dairy Milk in a kind of "lump" in the centre of the tub, and difficult to eat since it was frozen. I waited until most of the ice cream had melted before attempting to chip bits off. It was very tasty - regular Dairy Milk chocolate with its distinctive, comforting flavour.

Overall, although not perfect this was still a very tasty and unique ice cream from Cadbury's. It offers something genuinely different to similar ice creams from Ben and Jerry's, and although it's not as good in quality, it will please those who like different tastes and texture in one ice cream.

Stay tuned for a review of the Jelly Popping Candy variety soon...!

RATING: 7.5 out of 10. 

Price: £2.99 in local newsagent.
Suitable for vegetarians?: No - contains gelatine.

Allergy Information: Contains milk, may contain nuts.
Nutrition (per 100ml): 210 Calories, 9.1g Fat, 29.2g Carbs, 24.7g Sugars.


  1. I can't wait to try these because they sound so delicious! I'm doing #DECHOX at the mo, so I can't eat any chocolate (or ice cream) for the whole of March but I've been planning some Easter egg guest reviews which I can email over to you in April just before Easter?.... :)

    1. No choc or ice cream? That's brutal! Congrats though, such a good cause. Yeah easter egg reviews would be cool :)

    2. I can't even have biscuits or hot chocolate, but it is for the British Heart Foundation I suppose! I'll be gettig quite a few easter eggs this year because I didn't really buy many last year so I'll try to get around 5 guest reviews done for Easter?. I'm very curious to try the Terry's Chocolate Orange egg though... :)

  2. This ice cream genuinely looks crazy! I'm not sure what to make of all the ingredients - "pink crunch" and a solid Dairy Milk lump... ? At least it's in keeping with their wacky Marvellous Creations range!

    It's so weird that I'll probably have to try it after reading your review. Great price find aswell - these tubs are £4 in Tesco!

    1. They're £2.49 in Asda! Although, none of the supermarkets sell this variety yet for for some reason. Must be an exclusive to independent retailers.

  3. The new range hasn't really grabbed me but, if I were to try one, it would be this one.

    I have to ask, you carry a spoon around with you just in case?!

    1. Haha I do! I always have a spoon & mini cutlery as I'm always eating on the go. I would also recommend the jelly popping candy ice cream, I liked it better than this one.

    2. How prepared of you! Although I'm just as impressed that you managed to eat ice cream outside when it's so cold out there!

      Ah...I wasn't a big fan of the chocolate bar version so it didn't really appeal. To be honest, the jelly pieces make me hesitant about the candy floss version too but the rest of it just sounds so interesting!

  4. Awesome! I can't wait for this! I also love that you carry mini cutlery around with you!!

  5. I really liked this one! It's definitely my favourite out of all of them and loved the huge chunks of dairy milk through the centre!


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