Ultimate English All Butter Fudge & Honeycomb Nuggets Review

A big thankyou to Ultimate English who sent me some products from their lovely toffees and fudges range to review recently! Ultimate English are a company based in Harrogate, Yorkshire producing hand-made fudge and toffee in the traditional English way. They describe their fudge as "The grandest butter fudge in the world", which is quite the claim...luckily I can say they may just live up to it!

Below are my thoughts on their Fudge and Honeycomb Nuggets...

Simply Marvellous All Butter Fudge:

This fudge was simply divine! The texture was firm and crumbly, and although I generally prefer softer fudges like Thorntons, this was pretty amazing. It tasted extremely buttery, with a moreish golden syrup and brown sugar flavour. It melted in mouth and tasted heavenly...it was mega sweet of course, but so nice I accidentally ate too much at once!

Overall, seriously amazing fudge - some of the best I've tasted. I've seen this on sale in B&M bargains recently so if you happen to spot some, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.

Ultimate English Astoundingly Brilliant Honeycomb Nuggets:

Apart from Cadbury's Crunchie I've never really had many Honeycomb chocolates - it's just not one of those things I've ever really thought to buy, since there's so many other chocolates around. So I was glad to have a change with this bag of  "Astoundingly brilliant honeycomb nuggets". Like the fudge, it's described as "The grandest honeycomb in the world"...again, a tall order! The blurb on the pack reads "An often overlooked sweet indulgence, our heavenly honeycomb is whisked for extra crunchy lightness, then broken by hand and coated in luxurious Belgian chocolate. A deliciously decadent delight to brighten up any day!

The honeycomb nuggets were very chunky, in fact I could only manage to eat half a piece at once since it was so thick! This is great though because it makes it very substantial and satisfying. Taste-wise the honeycomb had a lovely crunch with a delicious buttery golden syrup flavour, whilst the chocolate provided a nice creaminess and tasted good quality. It was quite simply, delicious.

Overall, I I think Ultimate English may just live up to their claims of making the grandest fudge/honeycomb/etc in the world. It's really is delicious; full of buttery, golden, sweet flavours, very luxurious and actually better than Thorntons quality-wise. Give them a try if you spot them!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10. 

Where to buy?: Available in B&M stores.
Website: http://theultimateenglish.co.uk/
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.
Allergy Information: Gluten-free. Contains Dairy.
Recommend?: If you love fudge/toffee/honeycomb then yes!

*Products sent for an honest review.


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