Bounty Dark Noir 75% Cocoa Review

It's not often we get a new Bounty variety in the fact, outside of import stores I've never seen anything different from the Milk and Dark chocolate versions. So when I spotted this "Noir" with 75% cocoa solids recently I just had to pick one up! They were on offer of 3 for a pound, which is a great bargain, although they were a little past the best before!

The only other Bounty variety I can remember ever trying was a Mango flavour, way back in around 2004. Sadly it was an import and only available in discount stores. Some countries also get a Cherry that's one I'd like to see in the UK!

This one appears to be made in France and imported by Mars Canada, then shipped over to the UK...confusing!

Opening the wrapper the first thing I noticed was that the chocolate looked a lot darker than the "Dark" Bounty we get in the UK. 

The extra percentage of cocoa was very noticeable in the was richer and far more satisfying than the UK's Dark Bounty. It gives an extra flavoursome hit the original lacks and contrasts well with the sweet coconut filling, preventing the whole thing from becoming too sickly. I really enjoyed it!

Overall, this is a very tasty Bounty bar and much nicer than the UK's Dark variety. If you happen to spot one anywhere definitely pick one up! It might not live up to the standards of most "fine" dark chocolates but it's pretty good for a mass market 75%!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Price: 30p/3 for £1.
Recommend?: Yes - if you're lucky enough to find one! (check independent discount stores and market stalls).
Allergens: Contains soy, milk & sulphites.


  1. Oh wow, thank you Kev for bringing this to my attention. As a Bounty connossoir myself I will be keeping eagle eyes out for one of these.

    Incidentally I only just discovered this blog today and it is very good. Thanks Kev for putting yourself on the line in the pursuit of research excellence - I salute you.

  2. Oh Kev, Bounty Cherry is still available here (Australia) - happy to send you one if you like! Maybe we can do a lolly swap. :)

    1. Sounds good to me..iIf there's any UK chocs you're interested in email me and we can sort something out :)


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