Kitkat Toffee Treat Review

a toffee flavour kitkat with dark and white chocolate

A new Kitkat flavour is always a "big thing" in my opinion, considering it's the biggest selling chocolate bar in the world. Nestlé UK have been quite busy with the Kitkat brand recently, launching a new Kitkat Chunky Double Caramel, and also this new toffee variety in the multi-pack range found in the biscuit aisle.

At first I thought this would simply consist of toffee flavoured wafer, but turns out it actually has a toffee flavoured coating! It's kind of similar to the Kitkat Caramac they did years ago, but this one has two layers: one of toffee flavoured white & dark chocolate, and a base layer of milk chocolate.

Opening the wrapper, the bars had a very strong toffee aroma...I could tell this was going to be sweet!

Unlike the 4-finger and Chunky Kitkats, this 2-bar version has retained the much-loved foil wrapper, and I have to applaud Nestlé for this as it looks quite grand with the light glistening off it!

Peeling the foil off revealed a two-tone bar, with a beige coloured upper layer and milk chocolate layer underneath. It brought back memories of the much-missed Kitkat Caramac...

Taste-wise it was of course very sweet, with a strong toffee flavour, but luckily the milk chocolate layer toned the sweetness down a little making it more bearable. It was a nice snack dunked in a cup of coffee, but you wouldn't want more than one of these at once, so it's just as well it's in a two-finger format. This is definitely one for the sweet-toothed!

Overall, it's nice to see something a bit different from Nestlé and even if they haven't seen sense and brought back the mighty Kitkat Caramac... this will do for now! ;)

RATING: 7.5 out of 10. 

Price: £1.59 for an 8-pack at Tesco.
Allergy Information: Contains wheat, gluten, dairy, soya. May contain nuts.
Nutrition (per bar): 108 Calories, 5.3g Fat, 13.4g Carbs, 10.8g Sugar.
Recommend?: Only if you have a sweet tooth!
Suitable for vegetarians?: Yes.


  1. Yum - If I see these I'm definitely going to have to pick some up, if it's a toffee flavoured white/dark chocolate though does it not essentially just make it a toffee flavoured milk chocolate?

    1. I guess it does lol..I don't fully understand why they mixed dark choc in as it's only like 0.3% of it. Definitely tastes more like white choc.

    2. Strange, at 0.3% you wonder why they bothered.

  2. Wow! This must be amazing! I want this in Poland, now! :D

  3. I think I'll have to try these if I can find them!

  4. I hope they are just as nice as the cookies and cream flavour.


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