E Wedel WW Wafer Bar - Polish Kitkat copycat!

wedel ww wafer bar

A big thankyou to Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar who sent me this Polish "WW" wafer bar recently! It's made by Wedel, one of the most popular chocolate brands in Poland, and is clearly copying the concept of another famous 4-finger wafer bar...

Yes, we all know which one! I was really excited to try this and see how it compared to the iconic wafer bar that is Kitkat... but as I suspected it was a poor imitator.

wedel ww wafer bar

Opening the wrapper revealed a very familiar looking bar - the size and design is pretty much identical to a Kitkat, save for the "WW" printed on each finger. It smelled very pleasant and chocolatey.

wedel ww wafer bar

Splitting it open revealed much lighter wafers than those in a Kitkat - they're a lot less crunchy and compact, but with a slightly thicker layer of milk chocolate. Taste-wise the chocolate was sweet and milky, with the wafer providing a light wheaty crunchiness. The bar made for a pleasant snack with a cup of tea...but was nowhere near as good as a Kitkat!

Overall, this is an okay wafer bar from Wedel but in a world where the iconic Kitkat exists it seems a bit redundant to me.

6.5 out of 10. 

Many thanks to Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar for sending me this - stay tuned for more reviews from the snacks package she sent me! Also please sign the petition to Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Wafers and Like the Facebook Page - every bit of support helps! :)


  1. Above-mentionedIt bar has long history. It starts around 90's (89-92?). WW was certainly an answer on KK, but then, in Poland, a lot of people didn't know them. Now is available at white chocolate also.

    This yellow paper makes me really good memories (childhood) :)


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