Nestlé Rowntree's Randoms Tandems

Whilst in Tesco recently I spotted yet another new product from Rowntree's Randoms (they've already launched Sweet 'N' Sour this year) which left me a bit puzzled - there's no indication on the pack as to what "tandems" actually means. At first it made me think of those old tandem bicycles, but then I remembered it's a word also used to describe two things arranged one after the other. So, I'm guessing these sweets are supposed to be arranged in pairs.

Opening the pack I decided to try and pair them up and see if they made any kind of sense, although since they're called Randoms I suspected they wouldn't!

There were two cute tortoises that went together nicely...

A castle turret and what appears to be... a skyscraper?

An old fashioned ghetto blaster and someone wearing eye goggles...

A palm tree and a hot air balloon...

There were other shapes too such as a paintbrush and what appeared to be a mushroom. I've probably paired them up all wrong, and am still puzzling over which are meant to go together or if they're meant to at all!

Taste-wise they were fruity, juicy and very moreish. I enjoyed the chewy texture and slight tang and could easily eat them all day.

As for the product concept...I'm still not sure what it's all about. Retro vs new? Natural world vs technology? Perhaps the "old" castle turret is meant to go "in tandem" with the "new" modern skyscraper?

If anyone has any ideas please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Price: £1.29 at Tesco, £1 at CO-OP (special offer).
Suitable for vegetarians?: No.
Nutrition Information (per 2 sweets): Trace Fat, 8.9g Sugar, 50 Calories.


  1. I think the skyscraper is a postbox.

    1. D'oh! You're right...I feel so silly thinking it was a skyscraper haha!

    2. Ditto. The person wearing goggles could either be that or a DJ record deck.

  2. I guess the "tandem" relates to each piece having two jellies on it - green & orange etc. Are the the different colours different flavours?

    1. That would make sense! Yes they did seem to have different flavours although it was hard to tell really.

    2. Aha so the flavours blend together - working "in tandem", ha! I think we've cracked it.

  3. Tandem refers to the fact it is a jelly sweet and a foam sweet matched together because randoms (original) are all jelly, randoms squidgy speak are all foam and these are a combo of the 2.


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