Poppets Strawberry Milkshake & Reese's Pieces - Double Review!

Whew...life has been hectic lately and I've had barely any time for blog reviews! I thought it about time I crack down and do some though since my friend Bring Back Banjo Bar kindly sent me some snacks recently! Here are a few from the haul she sent me...

Paynes Poppets Strawberry Milkshake:

First up are these strawberry milkshake flavour poppets from Paynes confectionery. I always loved Poppets as a kid, especially the raisin, toffee and orange varieties...so was excited to try these! They were nice enough but extremely sweet and sugary, and without much chocolate flavour. They're ok as a quick snack but there's better strawberry flavoured chocolates out there. 6 out of 10.

Reese's Pieces:

Next up are Reese's Pieces. I first tried these years ago and remember thinking how rubbish they were, considering they're meant to be like a Reese's version of Smarties or M&M's. They're so bland and pointless and only taste mildly of peanut butter....and they consist mostly of sugar more than anything else. Why do people buy them? It baffles me. They don't do justice to the awesome Resse's peanut butter cups at all! I would recommend avoiding these. 4 out of 10.

A big thank you to Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar for sending me these snacks, do stay tuned for more reviews of the stuff she sent me soon! Please also check out her PETITION to bring back the Banjo Wafer Bar as well as Like her Facebook Page - every little helps!

For more info on Banjo see my Blast From The Past Banjo post.


  1. I've never been into Poppets but this strawberry milkshake flavour appeals to me more - I might have to give them a try out of curiosity if I see them.

    As for Reese's Pieces, I love them! I've not had them for a while, and I agree they're not as good as the Cups, but they certainly put a smile on my face.


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