Milka Caramel Review (Polish version)

Having slowly made my way through most of the Polish range of Milka bars, I thought I would give this Milka Caramel a try. The packaging caught my eye mainly because it looks reminiscent of a famous UK caramel chocolate bar - Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel.

I wasn't expecting it to taste great, since my experiences with Polish Milka chocolates have been a bit lacklustre so far. And I was right. The caramel didn't offer the same delicious buttery taste as Dairy Milk with Caramel - it just tasted overly sweet and without any real flavour. The chocolate itself tasted ok but was very sweet.

Overall, I find it hard to recommend this Milka Caramel bar. I'm not sure if there's a similar one on the German market but if there is I'd imagine it's much tastier than this. I should point out that this is different from the Milka Caramel Cream we currently get in the UK.

Price: Just over £1 at local import store.


  1. I was looking and this last week in a shop but I didn't buy it. It's kinda interesting for me how it really tastes, I think I'll get only a small bar

  2. Interesting! I have the German version of this one (on my desk at work), packaging looks different and the actual inside looks different too!!

  3. Kev, don't you find the Milka bars literally taste of nothing? I tried the Daim/Milka the other week and it wasn't that great at all. It's more like a cooking chocolate to me (which I call plastic chocolate) so just didn't enjoy it.

    1. I know what you mean. I think they used to taste better than they do now, but as with all their products Kraft have cheapened the ingredients. The Polish Milka chocs are the worst though.

  4. I love Alpejskie Mleczko Caramel :) It's super tasty!

  5. sweets which going to poland are worse than in other countries. I am not quite sure but it is poland and czech republic. It is sooooo sad

  6. Altough this is an old post yet it feels like i should defend this poor chocilate bar haha.
    since I have a habbit of googling reviews of choco brands and the flavor within while eating them I've managed to stumble upon this blog a few times I am also a firm believer that milka is my inner child's best choco brand since I've onl had any back in m days at memorable occasions also I am a fan of caramel in all its diffrent forms so this specific bar got me all excited for a tryout my first impression was the looks of it was diffrent and not one of those regular small squares P.S the packging is diffrent now and the inside is more drippy
    I started by breaking a piece in half a little bit sticky though .. then with I first tasted the inside only. The sweatness hits you right away and it got me exstra hype which is usually due to consuming something overly sweet that brought me to a state of satisfaction without finishing the half already lol .. also it wasn't strong since milka over add the cream part like in their oreos and cookies flavourd bars with the least possible amount of everthing else and that's a shame anyways for your tpical store bought choco bar it's an 8/10 for me :)


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