Mars Almond Review

A big thankyou to Monster Sweets who sent me this Mars Almond to review recently!

Mars never seem to do any interesting variations of their bars here in the UK, and I think this is a massively untapped area - the potential for variety is definitely there. Mars Caramel and Mars Midnight have been the extent of their innovation so far, and both don't include anything new, infact the Mars Caramel takes away the most important element of a Mars bar - the nougat!

So with that considered I was very excited to try this Mars Almond. It appears to be made by Mars France, but I believe it's available in Germany too. It's slightly smaller than a regular UK Mars bar and contains almonds embedded in the nougat.

It was very tasty indeed. It had that familiar malty Mars chocolate taste, and the caramel had a nice sweet chewiness, contrasted by the soft chewy nougat. The almonds brought a lovely crunchy, nutty element to the bar, making it even more tasty. They seemed to be slightly roasted, which brought out their flavour even more. It reminded me somewhat of a Snickers, although the proportions were different. I wish they'd been more generous with the almonds, although I suppose that might have affected the texture of the nougat somewhat.

Overall, I enjoyed this Mars Almond. It's a rarity to find a variety like this due to lack of product innovation from Mars UK (we still don't get peanut butter M&M's!), so I'm very pleased I got to try it.

In other Mars news, Australia now get a Honeycomb flavour Mars! For a review of that check out Lolly Addict's Australian Confectionery Reviews.

The Mars Almond is currently out of stock but you can buy lots of different European snacks from the Monster Sweets online store here:

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*This bar was kindly sent to me by Monster Sweets for an honest review - all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. In the USA 'Mars' is 'Milky Way', and 'Milky Way' is '3 Musketeers' (well, not quite, more like 'Flyte'). However, up to about 10 years ago the USA had their own 'Mars' bar, which is pretty much what we have here. 'Mars' changed it's name to 'Snickers Almond', and there is currently no bar in the USA called 'Mars'. However, correct me if I'm wrong, the USA Mars had the Almonds in the Nougat bit (like here) whereas Snickers Almond has the Almonds in the caramel part.

    1. Hi Matty, thanks for the info! Yes as far as I'm aware Snickers Almond does indeed have the almonds in the caramel part. I wonder why there's no longer a Mars bar in the USA, presumably the name didn't catch on?

  2. This reminded me instantly of 'Snickers Almond' - which, whilst lovely, I found the flavour of the nut to be confusingly lacking. I hadn't expected a 'peanut' type depth of flavour, but despite being quite excited to try the bar I was a little 'Hmmm, oh well' by the end of it. I suspect the addition of Almond to a Mars bar works out far better, given the extra contrast of texture.

    Also a honeycomb Mars sounds amazing, I'd love to find that for sale here!


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