Lidl's Fin Carré Coconut Milk Chocolate Review

A big thankyou to "Bring Back Banjo Chocolate" who tipped me off about this bar recently - she's always up to date with the latest Lidl bargains! You can check out her campaign to bring back Banjo chocolate bars here. Also, please take a moment to sign the petition! :)

Onto the chocolate then, I saw these bars in Lidl at 89p for a 200g block. They look quite similar to Ritter Sport bars but are much larger. They reminded me of a similar bar I've seen on Jim's Chocolate Mission - the Hosta Romy Classic Cocos. It wouldn't surprise me if both bars are made by the same company, as they both contain the same type of filling and an almost identical block design.

The bar is described as "Milk chocolate with a coconut creme filling" but it also contains caramelized dessicated coconut and coconut milk. Cutting into the bar revealed the cream centre:

I was expecting it to taste really amazing, wasn't quite as good as I expected. It was very sweet and the coconut had an odd, almost woody flavour. I can't quite place it but it somehow didn't taste "right" to me. The filling was still very nice though, it was extremely smooth and creamy and melted in the mouth nicely. The toasted coconut pieces added a nice crunch but I felt they detracted from the smooth texture of the cream somewhat.

Overall, I did enjoy this bar but I felt it could have been much better. If you're a fan of coconut chocolates I would still recommend giving it a try - you get a hefty amount of chocolate for the price and the filling is very smooth and creamy. That said, I'm not sure if Lidl sell these anymore as I didn't see any the last time I was there.

In comparison to this bar, I thought the similar Ritter Sport Coconut/Kokos was much better.

Price: 89p at Lidl.
Allergy Advice: Contains milk, may contain nuts.


  1. Thanks very much for mentioning My Petition - BBBCB! much appreciated :))))) I think this bar must be one of those that pops up ocassionally. Shame it wasn't fantastic but at that price you can't grumble!

  2. Saw these today at Lidl. Yep, still on sale at 89p

    1. Yes I saw them recently too, seems they must get them in intermittently. I see they've also got some other new Fin Carre chocolate bars too.

  3. lidl Fin carre dark chocolate was I thought my dark secret. Won't ever match Bourneville (but I've eaten less and less since Cadbury went 'Kraft' Mondelez International (US) and moved production of Bourneville to France. I've made a point of not supporting Cadbury / Kraft / Mondelez International since they alleviated concerns of their take over by saying they had no intention of removing Cadbury manufacture from UK and then immediately closing manufacture in the UK


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