Sainsbury's Discounted Valentines Chocs - Chocolate Rose, Lovemobile, etc...

I know it's a bit late for a Valentines themed post, but I had taken pics for these chocolates a while ago and thought it about time I do a brief review of them.

They were all discounted after Valentines Day at my Sainsbury's Local, and to be honest I can see why: they were all quite cheap tasting and tacky.

First up is the Chocolate Rose. It's basically a hollow chocolate rose with a plastic stalk and leaves, wrapped  in red foil. It's a nice idea, but unfortunately the chocolate used in it was very cheap. It tasted quite waxy and without any real chocolate flavour. If your Valentine likes novelty then they might get some kicks out of it, but otherwise it's rubbish. Did you get one of these for Valentines Day this year? If so please feel free to have a moan about it in the comments!

Next up is the Chocolate Lovemobile. It's called "You make my heart race" and is a little chocolate car with a pink chocolate heart sat in the drivers seat. Which is a really sweet idea, to be fair. If your loved one has a sense of humour I'm sure they would enjoy this as a novelty gift, but I doubt they'd be laughing once they taste the chocolate. Like the Chocolate Rose, it was cheap-tasting and poor quality.

Lastly we have the most interesting product of the lot, the white chocolate LOVE bar:

This was one of the few chocolates from the selection that tasted OK, in a "it's cheap and sugary... but I kinda like it" way. It tasted slightly creamy, at least. The pink coloured letters didn't taste of strawberry or anything, just coloured white chocolate. Don't get me wrong, it was still a cheap tasting white chocolate, and I would never give one of these to someone I love, but for the cheap price it wasn't too bad (about 30p or thereabouts).

Overall, I can't complain too much about these chocolates because they didn't cost a lot, but it does make me wonder who would give these as Valentine's gifts, or who would want to receive one from their lover. It's not the product concepts that are bad, it's the quality of the chocolate.

I guess they're meant to be just fun "supplemental" gifts, so on that note I will let Sainsbury's off on this occasion. It'll be interesting to see if they make a return next year!


  1. Brilliant review Kev, definitely worth posting as I'm sure Sainsburys will trot out the same stuff next year.

    I must admit I did like the look of the chocolate red roses, I think it's a lovely idea so I'd probably be happy if I received it!

    The "lovemobile" on the other just makes me shake my head in disbelief lol


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