Milka Good Plum Cream (Limited Edition)

I'm always wary of the new Milka bars I see in my local Polish store. Like the Raspberry Cream and Cherry Cream bars I've reviewed previously, they are often overly sweet or artificial tasting. So when I saw this "GOOD Plum Cream" variety I was again rather hesitant to buy it. But it sounded unusual and was Limited Edition, and I am the rare snacks hunter, so I had to give it a try regardless!

Apparently there are a few different varities in this range, such as "Happy", "Good", "Sweet" etc. This plum cream variety contains a milk cream filling with a plum "jam" filling sat above.

There was a generous amount of plum filling in this bar, infact it oozed out as I cut into it. The chocolate was very sweet, as was the cream filling. The plum jam tasted artificial as I expected, but not quite as artificial as the Raspberry and Cherry Cream Milka bars. It was actually rather plain. Plum isn't one of the most interesting fruit flavours, in my opinion, so I found the taste a bit boring overall.

If you're a fan of plums with chocolate you might like this bar. It's an uncommon combination here in the UK, although seems to be a lot more popular in Poland. Kudos to Milka Poland for trying new Milka flavours but I wish they'd just make the chocolate less sweet and more creamy, like the Milka we get in the UK.

I'm still yet to find the amazing sounding Milka Elderberry Cream as reviewed here by Grocery Gems, but suspect the time time for that one has passed. Such is the way with limited edition chocolates I guess!

Price: Around £1.10p, although I can't remember exactly.
Made by: Milka Poland.


  1. Hi Kev, thanks for the mention! Great review as always.

    Plum doesn't really appeal to me as a filling for chocolate (even though I love the fruit) but I agree with you that it's just good to see unusual flavours being used!

    1. Most welcome and thanks :) It's definitely good to see all these unusual flavours, and to be honest they need them because otherwise the chocolate itself isn't that great. I tried the yogurt flavour recently which was surprisingly nice.


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