Magnum Chocolates (not ice cream!) Review

Whilst in Asda recently I spotted packs of these new "Magnum Chocolates" near the tills. As far as I know the Magnum brand has never ventured out of ice cream and into confectionery before, so I was very curious to see how they would taste.

The pack contains 3 pieces of chocolate, each with a soft vanilla centre. They're described on the pack as "Vanilla flavoured white chocolate truffle centre with a milk chocolate coating (80%)". The chocolate pieces are shaped somewhat like miniature Magnum ice creams, with the "M" logo printed on them.

They tasted very nice; the chocolate was good quality with a nice rich cocoa flavour, and the vanilla centres were very light and fluffy. They tasted very mousse-y and ice-cream like, infact, and I had to remind myself I was eating chocolate and not ice cream!

After the first piece though I started to get a bit bored of the flavour. It's a bit one-dimensional and doesn't offer much of a "wow" factor, even though it's very pleasant and creamy. I think these would be best as a little snack to go with coffee or shared with friends but I wouldn't want to eat them all in one go.

Overall, it's interesting to see Magnum extending their brand into chocolate, and these are certainly tasty and good quality, however they don't offer enough excitement for me. Maybe if they do some other flavours I'll be more interested.

Price: 65p at Asda. (Also available at Poundland in bags)
Ingredients: Contains milk and soya. Suitable for vegetarians.
Nutritional information: 66 calories per piece.
Cocoa solids: 38% minimum.
Other info on pack: DO NOT FREEZE.

Have you tried Magnum Chocolates? If so what did you think of them? 


  1. Now if they did a chocolate version of the Infinity I would get REALLY excited. I will probably still give these a go though, great find!

  2. I didn't see these at my local Asda last Friday, but I did see that they had chocolate miniatures of Mini-Milk lollies and mini Cornettos too - both by the tills and definitely NOT ice cream!

    Unfortunately I didn't buy to try though...

    1. I saw them too and have tried the mini milk lolly so far - it wasn't great though, quite boring. I also have the cornetto one which I havent tried yet.

  3. Don't taste anything like ice cream, mate.

  4. I saw these in a Budgens store alongside Mini Cornettos and I bought them both. They had a lovely mousse-like vanilla filling. I was curious to know what they'd be like frozen but when I saw the 'Do not freeze' message on this blog, I was gutted :-(.

  5. One of the best chocolate bars I've ever eaten, I hope they to continue doing and not stop only in this Easter's edition.

  6. tried the magnum almond bar choc...was so sickeningly sweet had to throw it away

    1. Where did you buy it? I haven't seen them in shops yet.

  7. Where have they gone?? Want to but some more, but haven't seen for years.

  8. Where have they gone?? Want to but some more, but haven't seen for years.


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