Yorkie Man Size Buttons

Ladies, look away now! Because here we have Yorkie Man Size Buttons, which are manly chocolate buttons, especially for men. Yes, I finally discovered these after being bemused that Nestle would launch such a product. I like to think they're meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it's hard to tell since products are increasingly being marketed at men and women separately these days. Yorkie have been doing this for ages of course, so it's not much of a surprise, but it's the first time they've launched Yorkie outside of the traditional bar format.
I found these on offer for £1 in Tesco alongside Mini Matchmakers (maybe those are for the ladies?). They're huge compared to regular chocolate buttons and because of this there's less in a pack, which is a good excuse not to share them I guess! Each button measures 4cm as promised on the pack:
They taste nice; sweet and milky with that distinctive "Nestle taste" like you get with Kitkats. I actually found them quite moreish and soon scoffed the whole bag to myself. I was surprised how good they were because I've not bought a Yorkie in ages and don't remember them tasting this good. Or maybe they just taste better in button format? I was also surprised to read that the chocolate contains 25% cocoa solids, which is actually more than Cadbury Dairy Milk which I believe is 20%.

Overall, these Yorkie Man Size buttons are a tasty and satisfying product, which I never thought I'd hear myself say. I'm not sure how long they will last in shops but it'll be interesting to see if they're successful. Somehow, I predict they will end up in pound stores by the end of the year. Just a hunch.

Are you man enough for these Yorkie Buttons? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts...


  1. Can't see them lasting either as we discussed on twitter- the concept is confused in my opinion.

    Sharing bags and chocolate buttons are in direct opposition to the 'hardcore' male Yorkie brand. How many manly men are going to buy chocolate buttons in sharing bags? Not enough to make it a viable product I don't think.

    We'll see though...

    1. Maybe they're trying to appeal to guys who don't buy into the whole "macho" thing? Or perhaps they really want women to be outraged and buy these in protest haha.
      They should have just done Yorkie coated nuts or something.

    2. Yorkie coated nuts! You should be snapped up by Nestle...

  2. I personally think they look like chocolate nipples and they are the same size as mine so is that the appeal?

  3. It's now April 2019 and where have the mansize buttons disappeared to? Replacing them with chunky pieces is no good. If we wanted chunky pieces we'd buy a bar. Bring the buttons back.


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