Gnaw Go Bananas

After hearing about Gnaw Chocolate and perusing their website I had to check out their stuff. They are a small Norfolk-based company producing handcrafted chocolate bars, with varieties including peanut butter, jelly beans, lemon meringue, banoffee pie and more. Sounds exciting huh? Here is the blurb from their website:

"Our bars come in over 30 different (and sometimes surprising) flavours, using the most delicious ingredients we could lay our hands on and recipes perfected by experienced Gnawfolk chocolatiers. The folks at Gnaw have had a lot of fun getting creative with our chocolate range – and whether you crave devastatingly dark delicacies or ludicrously munchable goodies, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!"

This "Go Bananas" variety cost me £2.99 from a local organic store. It's described as "Cocoa butter based yellow confectionery with banana flavouring and a milk chocolate dipped foam banana topping". The wrapper is transparent so you can see the chocolate. I loved the aesthetics; on one side you can see the foam bananas embedded in the chocolate, and the other is divided into blocks with the words GNAW going across:

I felt like a kid again trying this bar as it looked so much fun, plus I used to love foam sweets as a kid! The foam bananas were definitely the highlight of the bar; they were chewy and sweet with a comforting banana flavour. The white chocolate also had a pleasant banana taste, although was a bit on the sweet side for me. It was good quality though and tasted fresh and creamy. Overall I thought the bar was very yummy, and I loved the texture of the bananas with the chocolate, but couldn't eat too much at once. I kept going back to nibble (or gnaw, heh heh) little pieces throughout the day.

Overall, this was a delicious and fun chocolate bar which I would happily recommend, especially if you like novelty. Next on my list to try is the Peanut Butter flavour.

Well done to Gnaw for producing such a unique range, I'm excited to see what new combinations they come up with. I really respect what they're doing because most mainstream companies are becoming predictable and boring with their chocolate offerings, producing endless variations of caramel and wafer, whereas Gnaw are offering something a bit different. Kudos to them!

Here's a short video featuring Gnaw founders Matt and Teri Legon, which shows their production process and talks about how small chocolate companies are thriving despite the recession:

Have you tried Gnaw chocolates? If not, which bars from their range interest you the most?


    1. Wow great find Kev - I love the look of this chocolate bar. Banana sweets were always my fave as a kid so I'm going to have to give this Gnaw bar a try!

      Peanut Butter sounds like a great choice too :D

      1. Yep, definitely worth a try if you see it :) After trying this bar I decided to buy a bag of foam bananas and shrimps from poundland, purely for research purposes you understand ;) They were quite horrible though. Terrible quality in comparison to the ones in this bar.

    2. This bar is just awesome and the peanut butter one sounds even better. I've just seen they have a stockist fairly near to me so I will be off to pick up some of their products at some point. I really want the Croc bar and Fudge Crunch sounds delicious! Great find Kev!

    3. Great review! However I must say that in your last photo the banana looks a bit rude??

      Maybe Gnaw haven't realised this? Made me giggle :)


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