Halloren Kugeln Irish Cream

Over the Christmas period I finally got the chance to visit a 99p store. They had a lot of interesting European brands there but these Halloren Kugeln Irish Cream caught my eye the most. Apparently Halloren are a German company that were founded in 1804 and own Germany's oldest chocolate factory, and:

"The most famous product is the "Halloren-Kugeln", or Halloren globes, which receive their name from the early salt workers, whose buttons the chocolates resemble. The brand was especially popular in Communist East Germany and remained popular after reunification." (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloren_Chocolate_Factory)

So apparently we are dealing with something quite special and historic here!
I loved the presentation of these chocolates, they come in a little tray with a paper insert that makes them look quite special:

The Kugeln have an interesting shape (thanks, salt workers ;)) with a sweet irish cream aroma. I hate to sound like some marketing type person, but they really are the perfect size and shape for popping in your mouth. Biting into one of the Kugeln, I was met with a very intense sweet hit. The filling was some kind of fondant, with half irish cream and half plain fondant. The two were indistinguishable and it all just tasted very sweet, with a hit of irish cream. I can't comment much on the chocolate coating as it was just standard milk chocolate, and the sweet filling overpowered it. 

Overall I'm not sure what to think of these Halloren Kugeln. They are certainly a unique product, and kind of addictive, but yet so sweet you can't eat too many at once. I think they're worth a try if you see them. According to the Halloren website they make a dizzying array of products, with many different Kugeln flavours including plum-rum, apple & cinnamon, black forest, and seabuckthorn (!). Hopefully some of those will also find their way into 99p stores! 


  1. 99p Store can be such a treasure trove of choc finds sometimes can't it? This is a fab find - it's such a great looking box of chocs. Halloren looks like a very interesting company too - thanks for all the background info on them! I love the sound of their apple & cinnamon and the blackforest :)

    1. Yeah 99p stores are definitely a good place for us snack hunters lol. Do give the Halloren a try if you see any.

  2. I bought some of these when I was on holiday in Berlin last week - this blog post is about the only English-language coverage. They're ace! Mine were advocaat although they just tasted of a generic liqueur. They're non-alcoholic as far as I can tell. You've lucky you found these in a 99p store, I can't find them anywhere.

    Off the top of my head I think they were 98c in Berlin, or €1.98. I can't remember. I was trying to find something German that you can't buy in the UK, but Lidl has made that very difficult these days.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ashley :) I haven't seen these around in a while, but I know that TK Maxx often sell German chocolates now including the Gubor brand which is very nice.


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