Creighton's Salted Caramel Bar Review

Creighton's Salted Caramel Bar

Today's review is one I have to thank Peanut aka Nibbles 'N' Scribbles for, she kindly sent me some chocolates some time ago which I've only just gotten around to reviewing. Always late to the party! One of them was this Creighton's Salted Caramel bar, which had me super duper excited as I do love a good salted caramel chocolate!

I've reviewed Creighton's before and really enjoyed their chocolates so had high hopes for this. It's described as "a caramel flavour milk chocolate bar with sea salt "

Creighton's Salted Caramel Bar

The chocolate had a pleasant aroma of good quality chocolate, and that's how it tasted. Creamy, with just the right level of cocoa and a nice flavour of soothing caramel mixed in. The salt adds an extra moreish note, and fortunately doesn't overpower the sweeter flavours. I couldn't get enough, it didn't take me very long before most of the bar disappeared!

Overall, a great bar that I would recommend if you love salted may not be the oozy gooey kind but it's still a very moreish bar!

8.5 out of 10. 


  1. A successful bar huzzah!!! Glad you and THE hand liked it! xxx


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