Nutri-Bombz Snacks Box Review

nutri bombz snack box

When offered to try this new #fitfam friendly gluten free snacks box from Nutri Bombz recently, I really couldn't say no. It's a favourite of premiership footballers, professional athletes and celebrity trainers, so I felt very special indeed receiving this!

nutri bombz

The boxes are designed to fit neatly through your letterbox, are biodegradable and can even be sent to your workplace - handy for keeping on the clean eating train! The box inbcludes healthy gluten-free snacks that provide energy and protein, whether you need a post-workout snack or an energy boost in general.

nutri bombz salted caramel protein bombz

Salted Caramel Protein Bombz - these are the ones I went for immediately, because who doesn't love something caramel flavoured? They're made with a mixture of dates, whey, coconut oil, cacao and chia seeds. They were pretty chewy and dense but with a gorgeous salted caramel flavour that made them very moreish! The chia seeds added a little bit of crunch but otherwise this was a pretty dense and chewy snack. 8 out of 10.

Toffee Apple Nutri Bitz:

I was sent this box over the Bonfire weekend so I figure this flavour was specially selected for that particular edition of Nutri Bombz. These consist of dates, whey powder, soya protein, brown rice protein, coconut oil, dried apple, cacao and natural flavourings. And they were mightily moreish! I literally couldn't stop scoffing them once I started...the toffee apple flavour was very yummy and actually tasted of both toffee and apple, in equal measure. 8 out of 10.

Raspberry Nutri Bitz:

These were just as moreish as the Toffee Apple variety, but with a much fruitier sweeter edge that was very refreshing. Again, these were extremely tasty and I had trouble stopping eating them! 8 out of 10.

There were also some Coconut Flapjack pieces in the box, which unfortunately I couldn't eat due to my oat sensitivity. I've heard they're really tasty though!

Overall, I can see why Nutri Bombz are wooing the celebrity fitness crowd, the snacks on offer here tick all the boxes of being tasty, healthy, and with minimally processed clean ingredients. If I saw any of these particular snacks in shops I wouldn't hesitate to buy them individually, although snacks boxes aren't my thing.

If snacks boxes are your thing though, you can check out the Nutri Bombz website - they have a lot of information on macros and ingredients, and you can select your ideal range of snacks for delivery.


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