New Snacks! - Kinder Bueno DARK, Walkers Mixups, Hoola Hoops Puft, Thorntons Popcorn..

A few new snacks I've seen in shops recently...

Kinder Bueno DARK (Limited Edition)

These new dark chocolate Kinder Bueno's seem to be a very limited edition - I've only seen them in one Spar store so far. If you've tried one do let me know your thoughts in the comments...

Walkers Mixups Snacks Mix:

Walkers are taking a leaf out of Cadbury's book and combining several different snacks in one bag for their new "Mixups" range. This cheese variety contains Wotsits, Doritos, Monster Munch and French Fries. Spotted at Asda.

There's also a Spicy variety...

Plus a Crisps Mix, with both Cheese and Worcester Sauce Walkers crisps...

Plus Cheese & Bacon flavour...

Hula Hoops Puft Cheese:

Also new in the savoury snacks category are Hoola Hoops Puft, which are a "light and crispy" take on the famous hoop-shaped snacks. I'm not sure about the name...

Of course, they wouldn't be complete without a Salt & Vinegar flavour!

Or Ready Salted!

Thorntons Toffee & White Chocolate Popcorn:

Thorntons have released a new Popcorn range, and this flavour contains their signature toffee combined with white chocolate.

There's also a Toffee & Milk Chocolate variety...

As well as plain Toffee. Have you tried Thorntons Popcorn range? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments! Available at Asda.

The Chocolate Smiths Bizarre Coffee 'n' Cookie Bar:

Whilst in a local department store I spotted this new bar from The Chocolate Smiths...70% dark chocolate with cookies, coffee and orange flavours. Interesting combo!

Steak & Stout in Milk Chocolate:

They're also doing this odd combo of "Steak and Stout" in milk chocolate. I'm not sure if it actually contains steak and/or stout, but knowing those crazy gals it probably does!

Strawberry Champagne in Milk Chocolate:

They're also doing a Queen of Hearts variety, which contains the more palatable combination of Strawberry and Champagne in milk chocolate.

Chip Shop Sauce & Chips in Milk Chocolate:

There's also this Chip Shop Special flavour containing "chip shop style curry sauce and chips in milk chocolate". Possibly a good combination for pregnant women?

Smoked Garlic & Herb in Milk Chocolate:

And what has to be one of the worst ideas for a chocolate bar ever..."smoked garlic and herb in creamy milk chocolate".

Tropical Fruit Punch Chocolate:

And lastly, a more palatable sounding "70% dark chocolate with rum and chunks of sweet tropical fruit". You have to hand it to The Chocolate Smiths...they do like to try out some interesting flavours!

That's it for always do let me know if you spot any new sweets via Twitter or Email, and hopefully I'll be back to the world of blogging in the near future!


  1. I was in Sainsburys at the weekend and they literally have new ice cream overload - I bought so much!! New Ben n Jerrys flavours of the cookie cores they've launched in the US!! 3 flavours : Speculoos, Peanut Butter & Chocolate cookie core. New Cornettos in Peanut Butter & Cookies n Cream flavour. A new Carte Dor in praline flavour. Maxibons! New Marvellous Creations ice creams - various flavours (I bought them all) to say there is a lot of new ice cream out there if you're a fan. My freezer is now ridiculously full.....

    1. Ooh thanks, I shall have to look for them, very excited about the marvellous creations ice creams!

    2. Out of the 3 I've tried so far I personally think the candy floss one is the best :)

  2. Kinder Bueno Dark?! This must be awsome!

  3. Toffee and white chocolate popcorn sounds immense!

  4. I have had the mixups loads, they are pretty good!


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