Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis Exploding Candy - *GUEST REVIEW* by William

After much fiddling around with my own blog, I now have the time to sit down and type away at a new guest review & I'm going to attempt to get these up at least once every 10 days or so? Myself and Kev haven't arranged a schedule but I will try my hardest to get some more posts done because I've heard previously that they've been rather popular!

As it's vastly approaching Christmas, Mondelēz tend to launch more Terry's Chocolate Orange products and this year we've got quite a lot of new exciting chocolate orange products including the new Toffee Crunch orange and these - Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis with Exploding Candy.

I particularly like the mini format because I find they're so much easier to eat in public without the need to “whack and unwrap”. Recently, I've noticed that Mondelez have been reducing the size of most Cadbury products (especially the sharing bags) but with these you get quite a lot more chocolate in the bag than you would with a Cadbury sharing bag?

The mini segments seemed to be scuffed and are not visually pleasing but the scent of the chocolate makes up for that. The aroma is so gorgeous and chocolatey with a kick of orange and it makes you really want to scoff the whole bag! As the chocolate melts you are gradually greeted by quite an annoying crackle by the popping candy but the texture is okay. If you love popping candy in chocolate, I definitely recommend you try these because there is quite a fair bit in each tiny little segment which personally I'm not too keen on.

The flavour is gorgeous though - the creaminess of the chocolate and the flavour of the orange is rather pleasing but beware, these are extremely moreish!

Overall, these Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis with Exploding Candy are a great addition to the “minis” range but I would rather buy a bag of the original chocolate orange minis because they don't have any of that annoying popping you get with popping candy. What I'd like to see maybe next year is a Toffee Crunch version of these? Or maybe the return of the white chocolate Smasher? And maybe a mini version of those? I'm sure Kev would appreciate very much if the white chocolate smasher did make a return!

Anyway, if you liked this review and you'd like to see more posts from me, head over to my blog: www.moroneywilliam.blogspot.co.uk but I will hopefully be writing more guest reviews on here soon!

RATING: 7.5 out of 10

From: Tesco.
RRP: £1.99 (I got mine for £1.00).
Weight: 136g.
Recommend?: If you love popping candy and chocolate orange then yes!

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