Easter Eggs in December?! - Mini rant

Whilst in WH Smiths recently I spotted a display containing mini Easter Eggs. At first I thought I was imagining things but on taking a closer look I realized they were indeed real... I couldn't believe it! We haven't even made it to Christmas yet and I'm still debating over what presents to buy for family... how on earth am I supposed to think about Easter?! And why would I want to buy a Malteaster Bunny when the Maltesers Merryteaser Reindeer is still on shelves? Madness!

The varieties stocked were Cadbury Creme Eggs, Cadbury Caramel Eggs, Lindor eggs, Lindt Chocolate Carrot Treats and of course the Malteaster Bunny. So if you really can't wait until Xmas is over for your chocolate egg fix head on down to WH Smiths!

Personally I'll stick to nomming on mince pies and White Chocolate Orange for the time being...

Have you seen any Easter Eggs in shops yet? Do you think it's too early? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. It just cheapens the whole thing doesn't it?

  2. I completely agree with Louise. What the hell!? I am actually so furious right now I can feels rage ball swelling in my throat!!

    I don't think anyone could argue comercialism hasn't taken over. Even if we have somewhat lost the religious (Christian, pagen or otherwise) meaning behind the calendar events, there's no need to be so utterly disrespectful. Plus, why the heck would you want chocolate hanging around from now? Oh, that's right, so you gobble it all well before Easter and have to buy 2,3,4+ times as much.


  3. I saw some Creme Eggs in the newsagent underneath The Gherkin yesterday and yes, it is way too early to have Easter stuff in shops right now.


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