Brothers Marshmallow & Tutti Frutti Cider Review

brothers marshmallow cider

I'm a big fan of Brothers cider, and really enjoyed the Parma Violet variety from last year so was super excited when they launched two new flavours this year - Marshmallow and Tutti Frutti!

These are available Online and from B&M stores, and the Marshmallow variety is available in a slightly larger bottle than Tutti Frutti. I was kindly gifted both flavours to sample.

The Marshallow flavour is nice, very sweet and with a strong vanilla like marshmallow-ish flavour...I mean, it tastes as much of marshmallow as is likely possible in drink form. It blends nicely with the cider and the overall result is very sweet, and comforting. If you like this or not will depend on your sweet tooth and whether you like drinks to taste more like pop. I fall into the latter category so I really enjoyed it - perfect for the end of a pretty dull lockdown week!

brothers tutti frutti cider

The Tutti Frutti flavour however was my absolute favourite. It has the right balance of sweetness and tart fruit flavours, reminding me a bit of Fruit Salad sweets. I preferred this over the Marshallow as there's more varying flavours and it isn't just all sweet. I have struggled to find these in B&M stores, so I'm not sure if they're more limited than the Marshmallow variety...please do let me know if you've seen them in your local!

Overall, as always Brothers have excelled with new cider flavours. I love that they keep bringing new varieties out and ensure cider drinking is never dull!

*Gluten free, suitable for vegans*


  1. Sounds mad! Pity, I don't drink!

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  3. Can't see Tutti Frutti even on their website! :(

  4. Yummy I can’t wait to try!

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