Doritos Stax Spicy Chicken Wings

doritos stax

There's a new range of Doritos in town to steal Pringles crunchy crown...Doritos Stax!

These are available now from most supermarkets, and this Spicy Chicken Wings flavour is exclusive to Tesco. The prices vary between £1.50 - £2.50 depending on where you buy them.

They are unusual in that they contain dried black beans in the ingredients. I was expecting them to be similar to Pingles but they're a bit different in that they contain little bubbles in the crisps. They have a nice strong spicy chicken flavour and as always with Doritos  are well seasoned. They'd go particularly nicely with a dip. I liked that they seem a bit more wholesome than regular Doritos somehow, maybe due to the black beans.

Overall, these are a nice addition to the Doritos range and are a bit different from regular Doritos, but I'm not sure we really needed them? They don't give you the same moreish crunchy factor that Pringles do so I'm not likely to get them very often. Nice novelty though.


  1. Wow what will they think of next?

    I tried the chilli con carne Walkers the other week there and they are not bad, nice I'd say :-)

  2. imma kobe this into my review basket! thanks Kev! YEET!

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