Marks & Spencer Chocolate Hot Cross Caramels

Marks and Spencer Hot Cross Carmels

I do love some of the unique and quirky things Marks and Spencer come up with for their seasonal ranges. This Easter they’re doing everything from a rather rude looking Yoga Chocolate Bunny, a Prosecco Egg, a Jazzie Egg, a Blonde Egg, and now they’ve just added a Ruby Chocolate Egg to the list too! Something on the more affordable end that caught my eye in there recently though were these Milk Chocolate Hot Cross Caramels which are £1.75 a pack.

Marks and Spencer Hot Cross caramels

They’re classic good quality marks and Spencer milk chocolates filled with a gooey spiced caramel, with flavours of citrus and raisin to replicate the authentic hot cross bun flavour. And they have pretty much nailed it!

Marks and Spencer Hot Cross caramel

If you like hot cross buns and chocolate it’s safe to safe you’ll probably like these - they’re delicious! The caramel tastes luxurious; buttery and gooey and is just the right texture with hints of citrus and spices, and does indeed taste very much like hot cross bun! (As much a something can without actually having the bun part in anyway!) The chocolate is like most standard Marks and Spencer milk chocolate - good quality and with a decent amount of cocoa. These are very delicious, a little sickly if you have too many but who cares! I did, and I’m #notsorry! 

Overall, if you’re a hot cross bun addict then these are a must-try to add to your Easter list. Look for them in the Easter egg aisle in Marks and Spencer, and do let me know your thoughts in the comments!



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