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I recently joined the A Taste of The States program where they send out American snacks from their range to bloggers and influencers, in exchange for posts on the products. It's basically an advertising thing that helps both them and bloggers out, and I think it's a really cool scheme because it's a win-win for all. Bloggers get unique discount codes that give buyers 20% off purchases and each purchase counts towards the budget for new snacks the next month.

american snacks

My code is KEV20 which will get you 20% off all orders on the site - please do use it if you're interested in ordering as it means more cool snacks to review! :)


They have quite an extensive range indeed, there's everything from limited edition M&Ms varieties, limited edition Snickers and Mars bars, and a vast range of American Fanta varieties not seen in the UK. There's also limited edition American Oreos such as Peppermint, Carrot Cake etc.

oreo carrot cake
My latest haul consisted of the following items...

fanta strawberry

The Fanta Strawberry which is amazing and a must buy - it has an intense strawberry flavour that surprised me, reminding me of strawberry laces sweets. Dare I say it's reminiscent of jam too?

fanta fruit punch

The Fruit Punch Fanta was also very good - with strong hints of watermelon as well as strawberry. This was lighter and less sweet than the strawberry one but still very delicious and if you enjoy tropical flavours you might like this.

dr pepper cherry vanilla

The Dr Pepper was...interesting. A bit like marzipan in drink form if I'm honest, it has that cherry bakewell kind of flavour that is a bit artificial, and if you like marzipan you'll probably love it.

m&ms peanut milk chocolate

The M&M's Peanut bar is amazing! Better than Peanut M&M's actually because you get the sweet milk chcocolate, M&Ms and whole peanuts mixed together in one cool looking block.

peanut m&ms bar

Eating this didn't feel quite as boring as regular peanut M&M's - I loved it!

strawberry nut m&ms

The Strawberry M&Ms are interesting, they're peanut m&ms coated in strawberry flavour milk chocolate essentially. It's a nice variation on the original and does make them more exciting. I like the colour scheme too as I don't believe regular M&M's have pink ones in?

coffee nut m&ms

The Coffee Nut ones were even better - if you like coffee and chocolate you'll love these! They're peanuts coated in a mocha like chocolate, and they go really well together. I'd definitely like to have a big bag of these! Again it's a fitting colour scheme - lots of browns and beige.

haribo fruit salad

The Haribo Fruit Salad were *delicious*, better than UK Haribo in my opinion as the texture is softer and not as tough or chewy as the likes of Starmix or Tangfastics. The flavours are spot on, with a tangy grapefruit, citrussy orange, lemon, cherry, pineapple etc. Seriously addictive!

haribo fruits

 I would recommend grabbing a bag of these!

glosette raisins

The Glosette raisins...these were just okay, they're basic chocolate coated raisins really, not a lot to say about them.

hersheys gold peanuts and pretzels

The Hersheys Gold bar I haven't tried but will be getting opinions on from friends soon. Stay tuned! I'm told it's very tasty.

maple almond butter snickers

The Snickers Maple Almond Butter...OMG was this good! I don't usually eat regular Snickers now as I find them boring and low quality, but this is somehow better than any regular Snickers bar. There's a smooth almond butter filling with a lovely texture, and a strong luxurious maple flavour running through it. It's not artifical either, it tastes very authentic. Such a shame there were only two squares of this because I could have easily eaten more! (Taste of the States luckily do a larger bag of them so I'd recommend going for that!)

watermelon lolly

The lolly was a freebie sent with the order, a crunchy lolly made in Mexico with a sour watermelon flavour. Fun and a nice little extra!

Overall then, I have to say I think I picked a good haul this time as I loved pretty much everything except the raisins. There's always a lot of great stuff on Taste of The States to try so you'll never be short of fancy new American snacks with them. They'll soon be getting in Pepsi Blue - who remembers that?!

pepsi blue

Again, I hate to sound like a salesman but... if you're interested in ordering anything from there please do use code KEV20 for a 20% discount, as it allows ATOTS to see where new customers are being referred from, and helps me receive new snacks to review. I really do appreciate all the support! :)


Which snacks would you most like to try? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I tried a Snickers Maple Almond Butter bite today and it was amazing. So good! (Should I admit it was my breakfast, during a busy morning at work? Probably not. But it was.)

  2. sadly, a taste of the states is my last choice for US imported stuff as I find their prices more than a few of the other sites, even with the discount. £6 for tim tams, when they are available from Sanza for £3.65 is a bit rude! (they are 'on sale' and still more than sanza) I understand imported goods are expensive, but i feel they take the piss a bit. personally. feael free to delete this comment though, i don't mind :-) as i don't know businesses work, but their prices always put me off.

    i may have to try dr pepper vanilla again though, as when i had it in the states i dont recall it tasting like marzipan and i love marzipan!


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