Grenade Carb Killa Salted Peanut White Chocolate Protein Bar

grenade carb killa salted peanut white chocolate

I'm not usually one for Protein bars, as I do find the taste off-putting at times, but one newbie that piqued my interest recently was this Grenade Carb Killa Salted Peanut White Chocolate Protein bar. People were going mad for it on Instagram and Grenade kindly offered me some to review so I couldn't say no to that! The bars contain 20g Protein and 2g Sugars per 60g bar. To reduce the sugar content a mix of sweeteners is used. I'm not usually a fan of such sweeteners but on this occasion I let it slide because these sounded so nice.

grenade carb killa salted peanut white chocolate

The bars contain a protein blend of whey and beef gelatine, and to my surprise didn't have the off-putting taste that some protein bars do. Hurrah! This was actually delicious, chewy and soft with a lovely creamy taste.

grenade carb killa salted peanut

The mixture of caramel, chewy filling and peanuts all blends together perfectly to make a super tasty bar indeed. It reminded me of a White Snickers, but I actually enjoyed this more because it isn't quite as sickly sweet as a Snickers and the softer texture of the filling and caramel was a lot more pleasing. It also felt more filling due to the protein. And thankfully, I didn't even notice the added sweeteners amongst the other ingredients - you could have fooled me that this had them in.

All in all, this is a tasty protein bar that ticks all boxes - high protein, good taste, and feels indulgent. Forget the Snickers for your mid day snacks and try one of these instead!


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