Pro2Go Protein Bakes Chilli and Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Review

A big thankyou to Pro2Go for sending me a variety of their protein snacks to review recently. There's the Liquid Filled High Protein Bars, as well as these Protein Bakes - high protein, gluten free snacks that contain 50% less fat than crisps and 6g of plant-based protein per pack. Ideal for anyone on a vegan or gluten-free diet needing a protein boost after the gym!

I was sent two flavours: Salt & Balsamic and Chilli, each generously seasoned. The bakes have a wavy shape and smelled very flavoursome indeed. I started with the chilli flavour first.

The ingredients are a mix of rice flour, rice protein, potato flakes, tapioca and chilli seasoning. They're made in a dedicated gluten free facility, which also handles milk products, so be wary if you have a milk allergy.

The bakes were super crunchy and the generous seasoning made them very flavoursome. The spices are just right - they're not too hot, just a nice mild spiciness with more of a tomato and onion flavour. The rice protein in them makes them feel more substantial than crisps so they were quite filling. I would buy these again as a healthier alternative to crisps...or on those rare days I visit the gym!

The Salt and Balsamic Vinegar variety are made with similar ingredients, and include poppy seeds as well as the salt and vinegar flavour. They're a nice touch and added to the crunchiness of the bakes - they're pretty moreish! Out of the two flavours I preferred the Chilli ones the most but these are a nice alternative - the balsamic vinegar makes them taste a bit more special than plain old salt and vinegar crisps, and of course they're much healthier!

Overall then, these are two great products from Pro2Go and ones I shall be keeping my eyes open for in the shops. Hopefully the Protein Bars range will soon be more widely available too!

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